The essay was a required reading on Delhi University’s syllabus for history undergraduates from onward. When he still resists the idea, she is furious. The bhakti ideology has been seen as a reaction to brahmanical orthodoxy, but as many have pointed out, at the moment of the institutionalisation of the bhakti tradition, the dissenting element became the orthodoxy. Gunabhadra borrows this motif in the 9th century CE, and the girl child is placed in a casket and buried in Mithila by Marica, the demon that could change his form at will. DU Council ignored opinion of three experts. And great poets like Bhasa took the liberty of resolving the entire problem of Mahabharata without a war. This is a conspiracy by the Left.

Sita argues with him. Views Read Edit View history. The second major point that Ramanujan makes is, given the diversity and spread of the tradition, to privilege one as the original Ur text and see others as variations does not factor in the ways in which ideas and traditions are disseminated and take root in different language cultures. And when the decision to scrap the course was put to vote at the Academic Council meeting this past Sunday, only nine of the members present dissented. This is a conspiracy by the Left.

Ramanujan specifically prefers the term “tellings” to the usual terms “versions” and “variants” because the latter terms can and do imply the existence of an invariant original text. One of the placards at the protest said, “Read the world: Ramanujan, far from being malicious about the texts he discusses, obviously loves them. On Monday, 24 Rmaanujan, hundreds of professors and students across DU marched in solidarity, protesting against the removal of this essay from the syllabus.

We can rule out one possibility: Those against the essay are bothered by the examples cited from other Ramayanas. Ramanujan says that in Kannada, the word sita means ‘he sneezed’, and thus Sita’s name is given its Kannada etymology in this version.


The purpose of higher education is to inculcate critical faculties in the student. Here Ravana is a tragic figure and his virtues are extolled. Ramanujan narrates one of his favourite passages from the sixteenth century Adhyatma Ramayana — “When Rama is exiled, he does not want Famayanas to go with him into the forest.

The essay was a required reading on Delhi University’s syllabus for history undergraduates from onward.

A.K. Ramanujan: ’Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation’

In fact, as many scholars have pointed out, in its earliest renderings, the Rama story is found in the Buddhist Jatakas, moral tales about the past lives of the Buddha, which narrates the story of the two sons and one daughter of the rwmanujan of Ayodhya, Dasharatha, who were Rama, Lakshmana and Sita. Archives on Political 3000 syllabus at Delhi university Bangladesh: In some Jain tellings, the story has shades of what psychoanalysts refer to as the Elektra-complex, where Sita is his daughter, though Ravana is not aware of this.

Even the expert committee was, after all, full of historians. The 5th century CE Vasudevahindi of Sanghadasa narrates the prophecy that the first child born of Ravana and Mandodari would bring about his destruction.

Subversions and inversions, contestations and rebuttals abound—was Ravana indeed the evil demonic figure of the brahmanical imagination; did the rakshasas actually gorge on flesh and blood; was it the lust of Ravana that led to his ruin? The controversy ramanujwn by the celebrated scholar A.

It recounts the different ways in which the Ramayana story survives today amidst different cultures and draws connections between various tellings.

The iconic translation allows an exact copy of a text, the indexical forges the essentials but fills in its own cultural particularities, while the third is symbolic—the apparent frame is used to subvert or create a completely different text. Though I rramanujan bad for him, I also hold him responsible for allowing saffronisation of this course and for allowing fundamentalists to rule.


300 ramayanas essay by ramanujan

This valuable essay is being made ewsay here at sacw. The following sources provide more information on the arguments against the inclusion of the essay in the curriculum:.

And great poets like Bhasa took the liberty of resolving the entire problem of Mahabharata without a war. The matter was then taken up by the Supreme Court, which directed the university to seek the opinion of experts and place it before the Academic Council.

Ramanujan’s Three Hundred Ramayanas: Transmission, Interpretation And () – Mainstream Weekly

But it will not be easy to override the immense anger and opposition from the history department and other students. Why would they conclude that? Ramanuja I arrested Advani: Gamayanas in this debate is the role of academics itself. This leaves just the one reasonable possibility: Also in this section Pakistan: I think he is being pressurised because this is very unlike him.

Almost every sentence of this complaint is objectively, as old-school lefties used to say, untrue.

300 ramayanas essay by ramanujan

The scholarly essay by A. This relates further to an argument that many scholars have enunciated, best represented in the work of Madeline Biardieu about the structure of the Indic literary tradition— particularly the epics and Puranas, which was rooted in orality and interpretation rather than on the sacro-sanctness of the written text.

Kannada writer Chandrashekhar Kambar, the winner of this year’s Jnanpith award, said:

300 ramayanas essay by ramanujan

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