About Mig Reyes I’m a designer splitting my time between making and marketing Basecamp. You must market to your audience. It would be fun to do some exploratory job hunting to see if this strategy would work. We hire the best we can no matter where they are. Seems a little rude. Do you have a portfolio? A t-shirt and jeans probably won’t neg you, but it can in some places.

Rodolphe shows how persistence and hard work can convince an employer to hire you in this cover letter to work at Buffer – a fast growing social media management platform. Limits force you to come up with creative, elegant solutions. It also means that you really have to tailor your tone to the company. Might I suggest a new title: Do you deduct based on their car or lack of as well? Petey on 02 Jun

37signals resume cover letter – Resumes and Cover Letters

Having said all that, it never can hurt to have a kick ass cover letter! Sylvia loved using Basecamp, so much so that she wondered if there were any jobs here. And what does “five years’ experience” mean, anyway? First, we hire late. Military transition only This format outline page with thesis statement your ideal solution for building and improving your profile on social media channels so that your online cover fully leverages the cover of your personal brand as well as the power of your professional network.


Thank them for spending the time to read your letter. John Williams Ops was tipped by his brother that there was an ops opening on the 37signals Job Board. It’s not the only thing to do, but there’s literally no downside to putting an effort in. MikeMacMan on June 1, These are not good qualities in a key hire. Any company that hires people before it needs them is hiring for pleasure.

Maybe you could find a way to make time, perhaps by starting with a shorter initial phone screen. Sign up below to try it for free today. Resumes are the proof behind the pudding. What most people are objecting to is the “forget the resume” part of the headline.

37signals resume cover letter

Do the covee, write well – and go get hired! SW Manager on 01 Jun JF on 01 Jun I’m a designer splitting my time between making and marketing Basecamp.

Deduct for a candidate wearing a suit? We hired a designer named Jason Zimdars because: Kill on the thank you. But I believe it’s good to operate at the limits of your organization.

37signals resume cover letter

Strike a tone in tune letger the company It also means that you really have to tailor your tone to the company. Geniuses who get stuff done will get snapped up through their peer network before they resort to resume spam. I will outline them below: We were just too busy doing other things.


PebblesRox on June 1, Doesn’t decimate literally mean to reduce by ten percent? I guess I’m a stickler because I think words work better when they have strong, precise meanings. Half-baked, generic and poorly constructed cover letters are time savers for me, as I can skip right over the candidate without even reading the accompanying resume.

Who you work with is even more important than who you hang out 377signals, because you spend a lot more time with your workmates than your friends.

37signals resume cover letter

Mark on 02 Jun Before we hired our first customer service person SarahI did all the customer service, about two years of answering e-mails. I was always so plain and business with my cover letters.

Email & Cover Letter Examples To Pair with Resumes & CVs – 2019 Edition

The most valuable tool in my belt is a sense of humor while still staying on task. The applicant must make the judgement call based on what they know about the company.

37signals resume cover letter

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