Preferably folks who are recently successful and started their businesses within the last months! Hey Bob, I just gloriously failed at getting a Google ad campaign off the ground. I enjoy reading your blog and thanks for putting your work out there! They were not searching for what we had to sell. My VA could not find one…. First, my own personal testing. How did you decide on this muse?

Please give us more case studies! Started a restaurant while making a 3 week climbing holiday to Greece , and slowly getting into outsourcing some of my daily activities…. How did you decide on this muse? Having previous experience running several businesses and being a CEO for a publicly traded company , I have a pretty good idea what needs to be in place for me to take a run at it. Ok, so in terms that I myself understand, it seems that Keynotopia lets you create mock-ups of how your proposed app will look, and work, when finished.

Engineering a “Muse” – Volume 4: Case Studies of Successful Cash-Flow Businesses

If you or anyone else has someone in mind for me to interview email Patsy stkdy jslassist gmail. The cold remedy post was one of my favorites!

This would be a nice change of pace from his usual posts. Your book was truly an inspiration. I like what I do…. This post is going to blow up. About a year later, necessity became the mother of invention.


4-Hour Case Studies | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

I have interests in travel and agriculture, but not a product as yet. Bargain and promise the moon on future sales, and keep the inventory low. Would love to hear suggestions from other readers as well!

We tried a bunch of voices we thought people would like.

Sincere thanks for your support and insight via book. So, we did it any way.

I have a number of ideas, but have a hard time determining which one to move forward on first… Any suggestions? Good thank you tim. Tim — If any of your case studies would be a good fit for my show like when we had Craig from DODOcase on, let me know.

Your manufacturer cannot steal cawe from you.

Muse Examples | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Reply Suze February 11, at Just another perspective, Tim Like Like. I want to feature people who are really doing it. Thanks so much Tim.

I had to totally reevaluate my life. This post is particularly inspiring. Like the above poster, I would like to see an muse case study about an information product, as your book mentions that this is possible muse with minimal initial resources necessary with potential for a great impact. The biggest resistance surrounding me is those cwse fear change.


Muse Examples

Once we proved the concept and decided it was time to outsource production, we started playing detective. I help schools and families 4ww for emergencies by offering ready-made emergency kits and free disaster planning information.

4hww muse case study

So I should be happy, right? We found a great Icelandic company that has a terrific studt that they would sell to us in bulk. I applied for the Project Rev small business contest through Deluxe Corporation and won!

Can you ask them next stufy how much time per month or week it takes to maintain such business once it is built? Do what Tim says in his book and do it in stages!!

I am still having problems of finding the right muse for my future business and one of the main thing is doubt and confusion of prioritizing what needs to be done first.

4hww muse case study

I really wanted to have something that was snowboarding-specific. Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print. I have never heard about this. Thanks again for this interview.

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