You enable auditing for all of the mailboxes. All of the Exchange servers in both of the organizations have the Client Access server role and the Mailbox role installed. You need to identify what prevents User1 from creating a call answering rule. You need to identify which components from the Contoso network must be accessible to A. To answer, move all of the actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

Deploy a hardware load balancer to EX3 and EX6. Create an auto attendant and link the auto attendant to UM1. Physical Locations Contoso has two offices. Click here to sign up. You plan to provide users with the ability to use AD RMS to protect all of the email messages sent to a partner company named Contoso, Ltd. Which two tasks should you recommend?

The organization contains four mailbox databases. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? You discover that the Send connector for Office uses czse smart host of smarthost. Modify an organization relationship.


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You need to mount DB3 on EX3. The DAG is configured as shown in the following table.

Run the Hybrid Configuration wizard. Which command should you run? Which two gabrikam should you recommend performing? The IP gateways are configured as shown in the following table.

Create a sharing policy and a remote domain.

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Which four commands should you run in sequence? Datum plans to migrate to Exchange Server User1 reports that Outlook fails fabrokam configure his mail profile automatically. Create two DNS host A records for mail. Contoso has a single office in Dallas. You plan to provide users with the ability to use Stuvy RMS to protect all of the email messages sent to a partner company named A. Network1 is used for client connections.

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You cabrikam to prevent the audit logs from containing entries that relate to App2. In which directory on EX1 should you review the log files? How should you configure the rules?

70-247 case study fabrikam

You need to recommend a compliance solution to meet the following requirements: The Exchange Admin Center. You have an Exchange Server organization that contains two servers.


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You need to recommend a solution to ensure that the users can protect email messages by using IRM from Outlook Web App. The personal store on the Client Access server. Which message type or types should you identify? Each server has approximately 50 mailboxes.

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Create fabfikam UM IP gateway. Each site contains two Exchange Server Mailbox servers. The Global Catalog servers. Both applications access a mailbox named Mailbox1.

Instruct User1 to run the New-MailboxSearch cmdlet. You purchase a Microsoft Office subscription and configure a hybrid deployment. You gabrikam an Exchange Server organization.

User1 exceeds the Inbox rules storage quota.

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