About every minute, I turned on the stirrer for about 5 seconds. I believe that doing this really helps facilitate the amalgamation process that is about to occur. A’s trial and error regarding this reaction’s parameters. Fill the coffee grinder only loosely about two thirds full – don’t stuff it! When cold, the garbage gets a lot less mobile and it is easy to decant the toluene away from it. One reason I bring this all up is that there has been lots of talk about how this reaction needs 8 hours or 24 hours or even 36 hours to run! Slowly pour the NaOH solution into the sep funnel gloves and glasses!

The reduction ran hot but was completely under control, easily stirred, fast, and simple to work up. All of the washes were quite clean, and the toluene was looking even cleaner than before. Materials and Apparatus A chunk added to methanol and nitromethane would evolve an ammonia-like fishy smell, which I assume was methylamine gas. When cold, the garbage gets a lot less mobile and it is easy to decant the toluene away from it. Incriminating, to say the least, but I am his attorney, after all, and attorney-client privilege is a powerful thing. I’ve done a similar reaction plenty of times, although I always used galinstan, an alloy of gallium, indium, and tin, with a melting point below room temperature.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is what you want, this is good. You added the nitromethane straight to the plain alloy? They are phoro follows: To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. If you bully those niitromethane they may decide they’re being disrespected and choose not nitro,ethane cooperate. This is in contrast to what I saw in failures resulting from using too thick of aluminum and not enough HgCl2, where a dark metallic gray with definite green overtones from unreacted ketone was noted.


I have to begin by saying that this is a killer reaction. You can speed it up a bit later to accelerate the reaction if desired. Synthesis of Dextroamphetamine Sulfate and Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. This mixed the two phases well.

Photo Essay of Reductive Amination by – Instruction manuals

Shake it a few times during this period. You could add a bit of external heat at this point but it’s probably not even needed Mr. Weep with joy as a bumper crop of white precipitate crashes out of solution. These are the critical moments for your yield now, so you be sure to shake long and hard at least 3 min during these extractions I don’t phto to tell you to vent do I?! This is exactly in line nifromethane Methyl The.

a photo essay on the nitromethane al/hg

Using a wooden chopstick they had chinese for lunch stir tthe mess around and let the Al amalgamate for appx 30 minutes.

A uses Heet that is fulfilling this function, and maybe it’s even in all MeOH except expensive absolute anhydrous stuff. Then a wisp here and there of white material started to appear, and within 30 seconds there were giant clouds of puffy MDMA HCl cascading out pnoto solution. We are always happy to assist you. Methylamine With Etoh – Download as. The dropping funnel was put on a side neck on the flask.


Photo Essay of Reductive Amination by Dr.gonzo

While this was cooling, I dumped the contents of the reaction flask into a mL beaker. Methyl Man’s pride is totally justified. I would expect there to be some remaining MDPP nitromethanf its slight color, or for some reaction impurities to give a color too.

The beaker was covered and put in nitrometyane freezer for half an hour. I mixed mL of water and g of NaOH in a beaker. It must nitrimethane taken nearly half an hour, and it seriously dulled my scissors. It had been distilled srcinally, still smelledgood and was a medium-light green color.

As Methyl Man instructed, it was stirred for seconds every minute or so. A bit more maybe 50 mL MeOH in thereaction flask easily loosened the remaining sludge, and this was dumped into the beaker too.

Reductive Amination of MDP2P with Al/Hg + Nitromethane

Photoo else tookcare of itself. The reaction started immediately. Then add 55 gm of aluminum squares appx 1″ sq that have been cut from pie tins.

a photo essay on the nitromethane al/hg

It’s tricky, and imprecise, but with a little experience and intuition you’ll get the hang of it. Nitromethane Synthesis I beleive I read recently that only 2 chemical plants currently make nitromethane,that’s one of the reasons it’s so expensive.

a photo essay on the nitromethane al/hg

Amalgamation complete Ice water was started flowing through the condenser.

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