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September 20, at 2: So you need to arrive here at 2. Each side tries to out do the other in the ferocity of their steps and salutes and I am told that each side now has men that specialize in the whole sequence. The Flag Lowering Ceremony is done daily before sunset. The Wagah border is situated at a distance of 29 kms. Traditionally the flag-lowering ceremony has been a display of macho and mutual hatred by the border security forces on each side, though the animosity has been toned down in recent years. Their demeanor and facial expressions signify determination, defiance, even hostility.

It would be an understatement to say that things have changed. There has been enough enmity for 61 years and if the scale of that has to be lowered then surely this is not the way to do it. The purpose of Wagah Border Ceremony is to formally close the border for the night and take off the National Flag.

a visit to wagah border essay

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My visit to the India-Pakistan border – Tirunelveli – The Hindu

The same happens on the other side. With free admission aside from transport the ceremony attracts enormous crowds of both locals, tourists and foreigners; however, on the Pakistani side, ot crowds is a much more humble gathering. Then, at the appointed time, both gates are thrown open, the border troops take giant exaggerated steps towards the flag posts and stamp the ground vigorously with their boots. I would like to hear more about your country too and share things about mine.


Interesting facts about Wagah Border Flag Ceremony

This procession continues for 45 minutes. This is the border between India and Pakistan. T he Beating Retreat Ceremony starts at 5: To norder north is Lahore in Pakistan and to the south, India. This ceremony is organised every day since September bborder, at 7: Wagah continued to exist in near anonymity, not known to many outside the army and BSF personnel and the people of the state.

Indeed the flag-lowering ceremony at the end of each day on the India-Pakistan border at Wagah in Punjab has over the years become a tourist destination, attracting predominantly Indians and Pakistanis on the respective sides of the border, with a sprinkling of foreigners. I lost wayah of the people, but surely, there were hundreds gathered there.

I knew a Lahore that was a very beautiful city. He is the only Pakistani to have seen the North […].

I love how they do such a dramatic build up and then it ends with a modest handshake. Two soldiers from both sides were holding the flags. Candid smiles, grins and happy faces of Indian People Photo Essay. Waise bhi India does Bollywood type dhamaka everywhere and it tends to go really wild.


The Pakistani soldiers came next but minus the fanfare and took their flag away quietly.

a visit to wagah border essay

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My visit to the India-Pakistan border

This looks really Rad- never heard of a border crossing ceremony before. The Flag Lowering Ceremony is done daily before sunset.

a visit to wagah border essay

Because it was the Independence Esday the Pakistanis had celebrated theirs on the previous day, August 14 special arrangements had been made to have entertainment programs that ranged from a band singing patriotic songs from what else but Bollywood films to troops of school children dancing and waving the Indian flag.

Vandana ji, excellent write-up. Nadia,if you visited on 15th August then I will agree that the noise and show of wagan was more on our side. July 14, at 1: September 22, at Previous Story Questions and Answers:

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