Good advice regarding your thesis process. Help is available if you have any academic or personal problems during the thesis period. Your writing period is 4,5 months from the 1st of September. Plan for thesis supervision. You are entitled to 3 examination attempts. Do you need help?

The revised thesis statement must be within the same subject area. The contract generator also contains instructions for how to fill in the thesis contract. However, you must note the rules regarding maximum duration of study. If the original submission deadline was 1 June, for example, the next period begins on 2 June and you must submit your thesis by 1 September at the latest. Thesis supervisors must be members of department staff a professor, associate professor or assistant professor. If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in a WISEflow group flow, please read and follow the instructions carefully. However, the original deadline for submission will remain unchanged.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination. If the submission deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is automatically xarhus to the next working day.

Master’s thesis

Read more about maximum period of studies. Step-by-step guide to thesis writing: At the defence, the student will start off with a presentation of one or more key issues of the thesis.

This applies even if you have not passed all prior elements of your degree programme. Writing period and submission. In connection with your thesis, you will be administratively registered for both ordinary examinations and first and second reexaminations.


Master’s thesis

Procedure for submission, guidelines and login. If you become thssis parent during your Master’s thesis process, you have the opportunity to keep parental leave from your studies.

These pages contain general information and guidance about your thesis writing process. You must subsequently have a revised problem formulation approved, after which you will be granted an additional period of three months.

Remember to state your student aaryus in the subject field.

aarhus university bss master thesis

Marie Louise Bro Pold. You can find all the relevant information about applying for a supervisor under the menu item, ‘ Supervisor “.

Master’s Thesis

aarus When failing to submit the thesis for the second time, the procedure of the second examination attempt must be followed for your third exam attempt.

The thesis supervisor will inform you about the reasons for the grade, and you will discuss how the thesis may be improved in order to pass the exam. You must not use the registration web form for your 2nd and 3rd examination attempt, but please instead contact your supervisor directly. Please arrange when and how to do this with your supervisor. The supervision plan must be uploaded as a pdf file.

aarhus university bss master thesis

However, you are responsible for checking, that your registration is correct. How and when should I register for the Master’s Thesis?

This is a general plan for producing your thesis — including the topic area and the plan for the supervision process. Deadlines Find information about the relevant deadlines in the thesis process.


During periods of leave, students cannot receive supervision or the government student grant.

Master’s thesis

However, you need to be able to prove the unusual circumstances with a medical certificate or other form of public documentation. Your writing period is 4,5 months from the 1st of February. Clarify whether there are other relevant people who can provide feedback in addition to your main supervisor and co-supervisor s. Counselling may commence 6 months prior to the date of submission.

Master’s thesis The master’s thesis is the most independent part of the master’s degree work. It is a good idea to start with this plan at your first meeting because it can help you to remember the points mentioned above.

If your Master’s thesis includes a physical product, which cannot be submitted digitally, the physical product must be submitted to your study centre. Specifically for students of Journalism cand. Prior to your re-registration, you must discuss the revised thesis statement with your supervisor.

Upload the supervision plan to the masters’ thesis administration.

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