Dissertations previously nominated will not be reconsidered. Help Center Find new research papers in: Davis Outstanding Emerging Research Award 3. Lessons emerging from a mixed-methods study of interfaith diversity in college. We have been changed for the better by her deep reflection and research. McEwen has challenged us to rethink and reformulate at the contested intersections of our lives.

Please direct questions to Drs. Please submit the abstract as a. Narratives of college men in service- learning. Engaging white students on pre-college environments in racial justice education. Practices for community engagement at research universities. Exploring motivations to serve.

What do men have to do with it? Nominators will upload the required documents when submitting the application. Multicultural and diversity issues in student affairs practice: Constructions of whiteness among white undergraduates.

Dissertation of the Year 2018

Eligibility Eligible dissertations must have met all requirements of the applicant’s institution and have been signed by the applicant’s dissertation committee between April 1, and August 1, The Perils of Unpredictability: What will they say next? Johnson, Dissertation of the Year Committee Chair at drjohn02 syr.


Exploring the methodological challenges and possibilities of narrative inquiry in service-learning: Manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Reflections from a recent investigation.

acpa dissertation of the year

Building a campus coalition. In a career spanning more than 35 years, Dr.

Marylu K. McEwen Dissertation of the Year Award | ACPA

The dissertation may be in any scholarly tradition or methodology and focus on any topic in the field. Engaging undergraduate men in service-learning: How well-intentioned white people contribute to racial hostility on campus.

Committee members yeag recuse themselves if they are acquainted with the nominee, committee members, or the dissertation. Narratives of collegiate men in service-learning programs. IUPUI series on service learning research: Committee members will recuse themselves if they are acquainted with the nominee, committee members, or the dissertation.

A multicase analysis of institutional identity and interfaith engagement at sectarian colleges and universities.

McEwen Dissertation of the Year Award 2.

Centering reflexivity, positionality, and intersectionality by male researchers studying college males. A dissertation may only be nominated once. Doing gender in service-learning: Classroom Guest Lectures and Facilitations 1.


acpa dissertation of the year

College men and masculinities Doing gender in service- learning. American masculinity at the end of an era. McEwen Dissertation of od Year Award. McEwen was recognized for her commitment to equity and inclusion with our Voice of Inclusion Medallion.

acpa dissertation of the year

Reflexive considerations for white researchers studying whiteness. White student leaders’ perceptions of campus climate and student activism.

(PDF) Curriculum Vitae | Zak Foste –

Elisa Abes and Dr. Investments in white innocence: Envisioning anti-racist leadership among white higher education administrators. Educating for citizenship and social justice:

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