I would strongly recommend you look at essay competitions in related fields. Roderick Smith, director of admissions at Birmingham University , said his university had refused to consider “several dozen” students last year after it found out they had paid an essay mill to write their personal statements for them. If you’re applying to Cambridge, you’ll be advised by the college when it needs to be submitted usually early November. Y11, Summer two years before you intend to start university Do: Faculties and departments may also offer awards.

If your course and college requires you to take an exam, you must do so, or else your Cambridge application will be invalid. University prospectuses and websites clearly explain what topics a degree will consist of so do your research and make sure you feel enthusiastic and excited about your choice. GCSE is very different to A level and as you progress to university, what you learn and how you learn it will differ enormously again. If an applicant writes: By writing about their enthusiasm and their experiences, they may find that their decision becomes obvious. Due to the intensely academic nature of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the high demand for places, to make a successful application students must write their Personal Statement in a particular way. While academic departments are responsible for core teaching and assessment, a college will be your home when studying.

Entry requirements Make sure you expect to achieve the required A Levels, International Baccalaureate IB grades or other equivalent qualifications. When placed in context, however, your academic record is still one of the biggest aspects of any Cambridge application.

additional personal statement cambridge saq

If you receive offers from them, you will need to consider whether you would be happy to study there instead or whether you would prefer to take a year out after your A levels and reapply to Oxbridge for entry the following October. These tests are taken at-interview i.

An Insider’s Guide to Applying If you are planning to make a university application to either Cambridge or Oxford together known as ‘Oxbridge’read on for our complete guide, based on an original article by University of Oxford staff. However there are some roles that will require graduates from a specific discipline so if you have a future career in mind then ensure that your degree is going to enable you to work in this field.


It is part of what is sometimes referred to as ‘widening participation’, and is intended to give a fair platform for applicants from differing backgrounds.

Oxford and Cambridge: An Insider’s Guide to Applying

It is not a matter of how quickly — or even whether — you arrive at a particular answer. Subjects change a lot at different levels: All successful Oxbridge candidates are statemen as part of the admissions process, and interviewers often draw on things mentioned in the Personal Statement.

The only difference is in the name: Start Early The extra level of preparation that an Oxbridge application requires, combined with the October deadline, means that pupils should try to start planning their Personal Statement in Year This is an additional form to the UCAS one, requiring you to fill out extra personal details and your complete education history, including the A Level or IB or equivalent topics you have covered, and the raw marks of any exams you have already sat as part of your current courses.

News broke in Summer that Cambridge is considering reform of the bursary system to improve financing for students from low and middle income backgrounds.

Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it. Year 12, January two years months before you intend to begin university Do: There are seven sections to the SAQ and section seven includes an additional personal statement.

additional personal statement cambridge saq

For some it will have been good news, but for others there may have been disappointment. Oxford and Cambridge are unusual in that they are collegiate universities.

Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge tutors

A student can use this to outline specific aspects of the Cambridge course which appeal to them and anything else which they may not have been able to include in their main UCAS personal statement.

Faculties and departments may also offer awards. If you’re applying to Cambridge, you’ll be advised by the college when it needs to be submitted usually early November. For up to date, accurate information, the official university and Peterhouse websites are the place to go:. Students are strongly advised to attend Open Days to learn more about all of the universities they are considering, where this is feasible.


There are example tests online and your school might also be able to give you some tips on what to expect and how to prepare.

We help students around the world to research courses, universities and colleges. It is down to individual choice and course content.

additional personal statement cambridge saq

Certain grades may be required at Higher Level. The extra level of preparation that an Oxbridge application requires, combined with the October deadline, means that pupils should camhridge to start planning their Personal Statement in Year Many A Level Oxbridge applicants are predicted to achieve top grades and many also have excellent references.

perssonal Page 10 Supplementary Application Questionnaire The SAQ includes a photograph of you, so that they know what you look like at your interview — some applicants have been known to send substitutes masquerading as them to interview instead — and information like your UMS scores and GCSE module grades.

Colleges provide academic and pastoral support and arrange small group tuition, sometimes with a tutor or supervisor from another college.

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Sign up to our monthly e-update for hints and tips on your university application, direct to additiomal inbox. In their Personal Statement students should think about how the subject for which they are applying relates to their other studies, the world around them and even their personal experiences.

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