She asked him what exactly was happening and didn’t let up till he finally told her how he had been sleeping through the performance every night. The controversy engendered by the celebrated scholar A. Thus the Ahalya episode is essentially the same, but the weave, the texture, the colours are very different. One day a great reciter of that grand epic the Ramayana came to the village. If we add plays, dance-dramas, and other performances, in both the classical and folk traditions, the number of Ramayanas grows even larger.

It also enacts, in the rise of Sita from the furrow and her return to the earth, a shadow of a Proserpine-like myth, a vegetation cycle: The issue ended up in the Supreme Court which wanted the opinion of an academic expert committee. Interestingly, when DNA tried to purchase the book from the OUP website, it was unable to do so despite several attempts. It is also analogous to the distinction between a sentence and a speech act. Views Read Edit View history. It so happened that the poet of greatest merit who did a version of the Ramayana happened to be a Jain by Religion. There is also the argument that Bauddha and Jaina Ramayanas are different and in some cases, older.

Ramayana: An ‘epic’ controversy

There is a larger trend of appeasement from institutions that are supposed to protect the freedom of ramanujjans and that is because they are listening to an argument that is predicated on violence.

But what concerns Mukherjee more is not so much the shenanigans of the Hindutva brigade as the manner in which Delhi University DU capitulated in the face of those shenanigans.

OUP does not apologise and never has apologised for publishing the essay. About Mainstream Archives on Laksmana and Ravana are the eighth incarnations of this pair. The next day too his wife insisted on his listening to the epic.


Who’s afraid of 300 Ramayanas?

It might sound like a cheap analogy, but this is akin to remaking a super-hit movie into different languages—either a frame-to-frame remake or a remake with minor changes here and there. There he was the destroyer of evil, the bringer of sterility and the ashes of death to his enemies. Subscribe to South Ramanujas Citizens Wire feeds from sacw.

ak ramanujans essay 300 ramayanas

So, in a fit of helpless anger, she calls upon Mother Earth to take her. The listener can no longer bear to be a bystander but feels compelled to enter the world of the epic: On that day, rqmanujans reciter was enchanting the audience with a description of how Hanuman the monkey had lo leap across the ocean to take Rama’s signet ring to Sita.

Works based on the Ramayana. For instance, the names of many characters in the Thai work are not Sanskrit names, but clearly Tamil names for example, Rsyasrnga in Sanskrit but Kalaikkotu in Tamil, the latter borrowed into Thai. The controversy engendered by the celebrated scholar A. When this happens, the Rama story has become almost a second language of the whole culture area, a shared core ramanjjans names, characters, ramanujasn, and motifs, with a narrative language in which Text 1 can say one thing and Text 2 something else, even the exact opposite.

How many Ramayanas have there been?

Behind the mask of the three hundred Ramayanas | IndiaFactsIndiaFacts

The Thais enjoy most the sections about the abduction of Sita and the war. Rama trusted no one more than Laksmana, so he asked Laksmana to stand by the door.

For reference, I have talked about this issue on several occasions over the years. Here, as the reviver raamanujans Ahalya, he is a cloud-dark god of fertility. To please one of them, he even takes a vow that he will not touch any unwilling woman.


ak ramanujans essay 300 ramayanas

And we accordingly read them for different reasons and with different aesthetic expectations. Now, is there a common core to the Rama stories, except the most skeletal set of relations like that of Rama, his brother, his wife and the antagonist Ravana who abducts ramayans The story of Mandodari begetting Sita is present even qk in Jaina mythology. Most of the versions are hearsay oral narratives and some like the Santhal version were falsified by Ramanujam in the essay and factually incorrect.

Just a list of languages in which the Rama story is found makes one gasp: Ravana is not a demon, he is not a cannibal and a flesh eater.

ak ramanujans essay 300 ramayanas

Why have you come here? They also say that Ravana captured Indra and dragged him handcuffed into Lanka. Secondly, it is a fact that oral transmission, which was the norm, may create unintended variations in the text.

Ramanujan’s Three Hundred Ramayanas: Transmission, Interpretation And () – Mainstream Weekly

This page was last edited on 17 Aprilat And to these must be added marriage songs, narrative poems, place legends, temple myths, paintings, sculpture, and the many performing arts.

The second major point that Ramanujan makes is, given the diversity and spread of the tradition, to privilege one as the original Ur text and see others as variations does not factor in the ways in which ideas and traditions are disseminated and take root in different language cultures. One can convey it best by citing a few stanzas.

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