You do what your upline does and you make the money. What they did was, they gathered people through their associates, like i was invited by my friend who was an associate of that company, they booked a venue and arranged a conference cum concert where they would use flashy songs or patriotic songs at times to flaunt their earnings so we can lure to sign up ourselves in vague of becoming rich quickly the bait. I was in middle school when Mom got involve by the time I got out of High school I’ve had witness may known closed family friend achieved success trough Amway. How am I misleading anyone? You’re not going to get financially free with the Amway business. So its certainly not “part time” as they say it is. He asked if I am open to other opportunities and obviously I am not going to say no.

Please share it with us. Good luck peddling your lies. I have been in the business for 6 months now. I personally would take a chance and see for MYSELF hell I did if this business worked and give it everything I’ve got which I didn’t do to get it started and make it profitable enough to retire. I decided to go – I decided if I am not interested its fine but I will be there as a support for my friend because he was just getting started. Seeing 18 years olds with retirement balloons and all of these speeches.

Watch out for strangers from India who try to strikeup a conversation in shopping malls and grocery stores and Indian stores. Same series of events new people front row, Financial freedom, iindia.

amway india bww business plan

I joined amway when I was 21, but before I joined. My friend started the pitch by saying “Do you think you’re reaching your potential and do you want more out of life, where do you see yourself in ten years.

004 Amway Business Plan India

Classifieds in South Africa has never been eisier! I’m glad you were able to make an informed decision after reading the information. Now I know they are a scam. Nothing against our old friend but he is the kind of guy that would totally buy this crap.


amway india bww business plan

You made claims about these diamond’s incomes. Get the full information before making all theses assumptions regarding Amway. The real thing behind it is that they are using a very powerful marketing strategy called peer to peer marketing.

amway india bww business plan

Because we were raised in that system, if something doesn’t includes hourly pay with a k retirement plan, then it doesn’t work. A dr or a loser? These people have my number, Plqn gonna msg them and tell that I can’t continue this. After reading this blog, I knew my suspicions were correct.

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Did you know that Amway was also partners with Enron and Worldcom? I am fascinated by the psychology of these people. Amway became very bew in the fist decade of the current millennium, providing employment opportunity to thousands of men and women of all ages. Preying on young people just setting off to college. Had a friend who invited me for their ‘business workshops’ and who offered to help me get into the ‘business’, ‘build a team’ and earn money.

Anyone can bww by and say stuff. I don’t know the woman who contacted your daughter as I live in NJ and have never met her.

I told my boyfriend my honest thoughts about it and I am not going to go into too much detail of our exact conversation but at the end of it I said “Do you research tomorrow at work.

You’ll even find negavity about mother teresa who devoted her life to help people. He contacted me a week ago and paln met up so he could talk to me about Amway and BWW.

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How many of you go to Wikipedia to do research and use that as a source in your papers, or to prove a point? It is really good to be able to spend time with your family inxia expand the business at the same time. Then he called me and asked how my Thanksgiving was? I sat in the back of the meeting room.


How is this illegal its been around for quite a while, a pyramid is basically only the top person gets all the money and I have not seen that in AMWAY. He conducted the meeting like a job interview. I am university student at UT Austin and one classmate who seems to want to be friends with me approached me during GEO this occurred before spring break and told me that he and his friends are starting a business I assumed a start-up company where I can make money while attending university.

My boyfriend of 4 years a couple of weeks prior to yesterday said an old friend of ours called him and they haven’t talked in awhile and said that there was a guy he wanted him to meet and our old friend thought that they would really “hit it off” and that there was a job opportunity in it for him.

I personally would take a chance and see for MYSELF hell I did if this business worked and give it everything I’ve got which I didn’t do to get it started and make it profitable enough to retire.

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It is your business to ask. You buy yout “own stuff”, but truth is that Amway stuff is more expensive and secondly, you weren’t buying “amway” stuff before. Point out clearly what I have mislead anyone about?

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