Alexandra is the direct product of Sandton. I try look for ready made answers, I have none. These standards revolve around key minimums which must be observed to secure a basic right to life with dignity. The shame which has moved the middle classes to feign concern has little to do with concern for the victims or for the wellbeing of fellow human beings. I beg him not to. Idleness was considered evil and our g-strings and liberated sexual mores declared ungodly.

The erection of camps created a commotion. Help is the most potent form of exercising power. And to be rich is to be white. Our people live below these standards as they mark time in squalor. An oppressed people is in no position to do business. Civilisation has not yet touched the deep recesses of these barbarians. We wish you all the luck in your endeavours to build a solid black business community which shall put black liberation before profits!

If we did care we would long ago had seen the everyday structural violence mnngxitama majority of poor blacks are trapped in. The Saturday morning of the march we gather at a park on the base of Hillbrow, the notorious and controversial seedy suburb long abandoned by god and whites. The battle that shall end all our suffering is the land battle.

Now we are calling on the same government to help quell the violence it has helped structure.

What it did do at best, was to create new conditions to escalate the battle. Some deep black thing still untamed by our white God and white education. Later a fourth call emerges, where is the mngxitmaa of the country?


The creation of the beastly black is directly linked to the development of the South African social and economic structures. The mind spins out of the axis of the normal. The front pages are a festival of beastly pictures of the victims of the negrophobic blood letting which has gripped South Africa in the past weeks. He was a little black dot.

The Afrikaner did it for their people. When our president eventually decided to address the nation, he appeared in the middle of our TV screens and kept quiet. The donor world opened its humanitarian wallets.

andile mngxitama thesis

Buying black within an economy which is white owned, makes us mere salesmen and women of white owned goods. It must not be afraid.

Mngxitama: ‘We are not all like that: the monster bares its fangs’ (Essay on the pogroms)

We are watching news on TV again. Business is essentially about equals entering into exchange governed by shared rules. I dreaded opening a newspaper for days — afraid of being confronted by yet another grisly product of the negrophobic xenophobic violence, which by the end of week three had claimed the lives of about one hundred people and displaced aboutaccording to some estimates.

But my father was an oppressed person.

The revolutionary responsibilities of black business – Black Opinion

When the colonialist and the missionaries found us idle and happy in our fat smeared bodies, they gave us the fear of hell, covered our bodies in western clothes, poisoned our minds with their superiority and at gunpoint saved us from our idleness and forced us into the civilising rigours of labour.


This is a troubling formulation: But we fall short. He continues with gestures calculated to ensure anonymity. We were lied to. Is it always going to take a tragedy, if not death, for blacks to be seen?

Collectively, the white AMs manage a whooping R8. Instead we focused on stuffing our pockets and mouths. So we march with our white friends, hand in hand, as guarantors of our common humanity. Let it be said again, it is true the problem is both psychological and a matter of livelihoods. Long ago Steve Biko, echoing Fanon, explained the love of violence for the excluded.

He had no land or rights.

andile mngxitama thesis

The poetry of the Abahlali baseMjondolo tells the story of legalised state sponsored violence against the squatters better. This essentially means that they own the economy. Frantic meetings mngxtama called.

andile mngxitama thesis

The best of their thinkers were depicting such great liberation from nature and want as signifying progress of historical proportion.

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