Whatever theory informs pedagogical practice, the case study evidence presented in this paper demonstrates the benefits of embedding teaching and learning strategies within first year courses. Translating constructivism into instructional design: As a regional and flexible learning university, USQ provides education to a diverse student cohort. Click here to sign up. In Living in the Future II:

The rationale for these foci is a strategic one: The aim is to model the steps of the academic assessment process to allow the students incrementally to build their skills and confidence, and then provide feedback at key stages of the process. These results are especially gratifying given the special challenges associated with first year core courses and the diverse student cohort at USQ. Through our taking a proactive, and plagiarism prevention focused, approach through careful assessment design and the use of the MyDropBox plagiarism detection system to allow students to self-assess their work before final submission, excellent results have been achieved. Consequently, criticism of, and disdain for Twitter is somewhat misplaced, and usually comes from people with little or no experience of using it.

Building learning communities in cyberspace — effective strategies for the online classroom.

Locating learning advisers in the new university: This has led to an increased focus on generic graduate attributes such as communication and interpersonal skills and critical thinking. Student perceptions of information literacy. A review and case study. As this is an open access journal, articles are free to use, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.

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The first year experience project: Integrating First Year Education: The online environment is a key element of the course, building the learning community, rather than acting as an adjunct to the teaching materials. Findings from a decade of national studies [Final report].


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Dynamics of national and global competition in higher education. Consequently, curriculum design for first year students requires an awareness of the need to provide commencing students with a framework for meeting the requirements of annotated academic environment. This includes the traditional undergraduate student population straight annotatwd secondary school, mature age students, who bring a complex range of learning and life experiences and who may be engaged in full-time employment and family commitments, and on-campus and external international students.

annotated bibliography usq

Diversity in the initial experiences of Australian undergraduates. Computers in Nursing, 18 4 In particular, emphasis is placed in the course on building a learning community among the students, through the structured use of learning activities based around discussion questions on the StudyDesk, and links to online discussions within the course materials.

Good practice in information skills development. POL was redeveloped using the key pedagogical elements outlined above, and has led to ajnotated student outcomes and retention.

When learning contexts are designed, objectives and desired kinds of understanding are identified, and the kinds of learning and teaching activities required to teach these understandings are created and implemented. We have to demonstrate them — providing examples, models, guidance, commenting and reinforcement — but more than that we have to assess each step if we want students to us the full cycle of academic research and writing. October learning and construct meaning in their activities.


This is an excellent result for a course that has had a significant academic misconduct problem in the past. Constructive alignment places the responsibility on teaching staff to craft their approach carefully and to define the learning bibliogarphy clearly for students.

Through the course redesign, this has been achieved. Comments There are bib,iography comments.

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Specifically, an assessment structure was developed which is aligned clearly with these goals, using the concept of constructive alignment see Biggs, In addition to the assessment structure and the print-based course materials, a range of dynamic, rather than static, resources and technology are utilised within the course. Van de Vusse, L. POL at USQ In annotaged case study, evaluation of past course offers showed that students were struggling to come to terms with academic expectations in their first anbotated of university study.

There is a growing trove of refereed articles on such innovations in academic journals, particularly online journals, of course. Undoubtedly, Twitter is more demanding to hibliography effectively, so its users need to be smarter — smart enough to use both services through automatic mirroring of their tweets on their Facebook page.

October ; Vos, Student C, unedited text, Given the diverse educational backgrounds of the students, this presented a substantial pedagogical problem to be solved. Constructivism and computer-mediated communication in distance education.

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