Exchange and Study Abroad. Discover why ANU is the right choice for you. Master of Forestry MFor. Some parts of these Rules refer only to specific programs. Academic Misconduct Rule Master of Management MMgt. In these Rules you will find generally applicable information about pursuing a graduate coursework program at the University.

Your browser is not supported by ANU web styles. Delegated Authority , in relation to a program offered by an ANU College for a research award, means a person who is appointed under section Appointment etc. Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content. Once you have written your appeal, you should submit it to the following email address for the College that manages the course. Your appeal should be a letter that contains the following information:

Our research Research initiatives Innovation. Course Authority means a person appointed under subrule 1. Exempt from sunsetting by the Legislative Instruments Act s 54 2 item 6.


Australian Rulfs University Interpretation Statute Part 7—Reviews and appeals Division 7. Leading in our region. Council Elections Rule A decision not to approve a student to undertake other studies is reviewable under Division 7. The student may appeal against a decision to fail the student see s National Centre for Indigenous Genomics Statute Part 9— Repeal and transitional.


Federal Register of Legislation – Australian Government

Master of Photonics MPhotonics. If a student is excluded from graduate or undergraduate coursework under this Courseworo, the student may apply the Registrar for enrolment to undertake undergraduate or graduate coursework, as the case may be, after the expiration of the period of exclusion.

anu coursework award rules

Delegated Authorityfor a program for a student, means a person appointed by an Education Dean under subrule 1. Stage 2 – Procedural Appeal A procedural appeal is an appeal claiming that rules, xoursework or procedures have not been followed by the university, and this has unfairly disadvantaged you.

Other provisions applying to awards. Master of Environment MEnv. The degree of Juris Doctor is regarded as being equivalent to a Master degree.

anu coursework award rules

Juris Doctor 14 3. You can approach more than one of these bodies if you are unsure of the advice you have received. Academic Board Rule A decision determining a particular period under subsection 1 c or 2 c is reviewable under Division 7.

Part 4—Program requirements Division 4. Delegated Authorityin relation to a program offered by an ANU College for a coursework award, means a person who is appointed under section 62 Courseworm of Delegated Authorities as a Delegated Authority for the program. Student experience Accommodation Events Contacts.


Master of Photonics MPhotonics. Each of the following decisions is an appealable decision: Other details about specific graduate annu programs may be found in Orders and in administrative directions and information available from the ANU College concerned. The Rules indicate when this is so.

Coursework Awards Rule

There is provision for you to request these decisions be reviewed. FL Table of contents.

anu coursework award rules

Our research Research initiatives Innovation. Programs and Awards Statute This Part sets out the supervisory arrangements applying to a student enrolled in a program for a research award. A decision to revoke the coursesork is reviewable under Division 7.

If the student has a single supervisor and the supervisor is or is expected to be absent from the University, or unable to supervise the student, for longer than 4 consecutive weeks, the Delegated Authority must, in writing, ruled an appropriately qualified person to supervise the student while the supervisor is absent or unable to supervise the student.

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