Bagong binyagan-n- Convert; neophyte. Bokot-a-Roughi; rumpled; snarled – Bola-,n Ball. Atipan-v- ro thatch; roof cover. Halinhan-v-To change; exchange; substitute, succeed, surrogate. Ayos-nt-Sy minetry; aptitude, pertinence;, array; op portunity. Binti n-Calf of the leg; shang Binubukalan-n Source; spring; origen. Hindi kaparis a-Unlike, dissimilsr, contrary; different.

Di nararapat-a-Unworthy; und eservin,. Areglahin-v-To organize; arrange; regulate. Hindi nababago-a-Constant; firm; loyal; permanent; do iable; lasting; mnanifest. Tagalog edition of Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Hirain-a- Lent; Hiram —n-Thie thing which is lent. Glottal stop is not indicated.

Baluktutin-v To b end; curve; turn; clinch: Granting palad-ti lReward’ tagalob, prize; boumitv. Nuni sa dub u isaug salita aug E ay naiipit Dg isang consonante at t sa katapusan aui E ay patay at aub D ay siyang tutunog.: Hanga-n-Limit; boundary; border; goal; district; milestone; bound; butt; confine: Amov-an i To smell;, scent.

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Akalain v-To think; scheme; plan; tie vise consider, contrive; imagine. Igiba-v-To destroy, demoish; obliterate. Dublihin-v To douible; duplicate. H indi mnangyari ug mnabahiagi-a-Ndivisible.


The accent in Fagabog should never be forgotten as it sometimes changes the meaning of the word as Kayo cloth while Kay6-you. Bao ng ulo-n-The crown of the head. The first set consists of tagalof Tagalog words and the other set are Spanish loanwords. Hindii nagpapaaino aFree; frark; liberal. Banga-n-Combat; fray; kinock; essat clash; fight; encounter. Hikayat-n Attraction; invitation; facination. Halagn-Cost; price; charge; value; amount; worth; moment; valuation; appraisal; estimate; estimation; expense.

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Hagulgol-n-Flood of tears, mourning. Dalang n-P ctition; prayer. Apuyaii n-Heart; fire place stove.

Hubugan v-To bend; arch; curve. Hindi tama-a-Amiss; false; not true, untrue, wrong.

anung tagalog ng essay

In secondary school, Filipino and English become the primary languages of instruction, with the learner’s first language taking on an auxiliary role. Honest, herb, hour at honor.

anung tagalog ng essay

The government shall take steps toward the development and propagation of Tagalog as the national language. Gumawa ng an os-v-To digest, considerassist; produce. Buan sa langait n-Moon. Philippines Regional language; apart from national standard of Filipino. If the kudlit is used below, the vowel is an “O” or dssay sound.


Aba-a Miserable; wretched; de jected. Hubdan-v-To undress; deude; disrobe. Hila-n-l raw; pufll, tug; drag. Busog a-Full; satiated; satisfied.

Batong Mahilt esssay cobble-stone. Himutok-n-C’-omplaint; murmur, Hina-n-Weakness; prostration. Iabot-c-To proffer, hand; offer:

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