On Thursday, thousands of young people will log on to computers and find out their A-level grades. Show 25 25 50 All. Exam cheat No 3: You’ll see they emphasise the need to act quickly and to keep your chosen university informed. A review of marking involves an examiner looking through your script and checking that it was marked consistently with the mark scheme. You have to pay, though you get your fee refunded if your grade goes up or down. What’s possible depends on the exam, who marked it and the extent of exam board ‘moderation’.

They are more able to ask for re-marks — and they do. I cannot say the same for the examining process. And no more zombies. Last week, however, a thought struck me. The moral of the story is to check the grades your centre sends to the board.

aqa coursework remark

But the current situation is unfair. In the state sector the figure was just one in Private schools, with the ability to recoup the cost from parents via invoicing, are less affected by the cost barrier. Because your grades aren’t good enough to go on to your preferred next stage, whether that’s university, or a sixth-form place, or a job Because you’ve not got a pass in a vital subject eg English and Maths at GCSE Because you feel the grade you’ve got isn’t fair or right.

aqa coursework remark

Getting a remark of coursework It is possible to ask for teacher-marked or non-paper-based courswork eg orals to be reviewed. On Thursday, thousands of young people will log on to computers and find out their A-level grades.

It’s time to confront A-level marking’s dirty little secret

A single board with consistent standards, fair rules and fair results. A clerical check simply involves somebody going through your exam paper adding up all the points the examiner awarded, to check that none were missed. Exam boards will probably shriek at these payouts.


My school can’t or won’t help me with remarks Exam board regulations require exam centres to have senior staff on hand after results day to help students qaa queries, so if there’s no-body about, you’re entitled to complain. If you were close to the bottom for the grade the risk of a remark pushing you down is greater. This applies only if you have had the results of a remark, and you and your school voursework to challenge the result.

My university place depends on a remark – is there time?

With the mark scheme for a paper, a teacher can give a very good idea of whether the marking of your script has been accurate. This means that when we look at his marking, coursewogk scores are too generous, some are too mean and there is no pattern. Your teachers can help you decide on getting a remark They know your work, they know what the exam was like and they know the results of your class-mates.

Getting a remark of an A level or GCSE exam

Check what UCAS say about exam reviews and appeals. From next summer, one of the largest exam boards, Pearson, will share marked exam papers with students on the morning of their results.

You’ll need to talk to your teachers anyway to work out whether getting a remark makes sense see below. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Getting a remark of an A level or GCSE exam – CIFE

remwrk In standardisation, they are given a sample of pre-marked papers and tested on how well they can match the agreed marks. What are the chances of improving on remark? Think of him as a zombie — we declare them dead, but they reappear.


Parents and pupils have little say in the process: When you request a remark you’re asked to sign a form to show you are aware of this. One option is to ask for a remark, and this page explains what’s involved in getting a remark of A level and GCSE exam results gained in the summer of Several of these worthy souls had failed standardisation but were allowed to carry on paid at several times the normal rate.

Hence, most schools are careful about which re-marks to allow. So, how to solve the problem? But they should have got the job right in the first place.

aqa coursework remark

But those with limited budgets are the most risk averse. This article was updated in Julyso is correct for summer exams The only shock for me was that they admitted it.

Whether getting a remark is worthwhile depends entirely on individual circumstances! FAQs about A-level retakes. All corsework gives them a perspective on whether something has gone wrong. There are two main sorts of remark or Review of Resultsand several others that are more important to schools and teachers.

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