Academic writing, academic literacy, scientific and research activity, scientific community, formation of academic writing skills. The source reference should be made at the end of the citation or the entire paragraph. Essential Academic Skills in English. The degree of phosphorus saturation of agricultural soils in Brazil and Germany: In assessing the content the supervisor pays attention to the fact whether the assigned task was fulfilled by the students and whether the “red thread” can be recognized in the work. Multi-dimensional flow and transport modeling of a surface water body in a semi-arid area: Volume 12 Issue 3

Further information on the affiliation phone Volume 14 Issue 3 Lost all my coursework. From theory to practice. Nail salon business plan sample. The Academic Writing in a historical and linguistic context on the example of German. Volume 11 Issue 8

The examples of the formal requirements concerning a scientific work are illustrated below for the degree programs in Industrial Engineering and Power Engineering.

The Formation of the Foundation of Academic Writing

Volume 11 Issue 6 Writing of scientific papers is an essential part of university education and is accordingly recorded in the study and examination regulations of each university. Internet sources are to be stored and submitted to the supervisor of the work. Volume 12 Issue 6 Volume 11 Issue 12 Volume 11 Issue 8 MSc Morphoanatomic adaptions of herbaceous plants as answer to xeric conditions Portuguese Supervised by: In addition to the requirements of the chair the students have to take into consideration Examination and Study Regulations for Power Engineering of BTU Cottbus during the preparation of scientific papers.


The following table lists the most important criteria in the evaluation of the written part.

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Kulakhmetova and Dameli E. Formal design of a scientific paper 4.

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Guidelines for the size of a scientific work Public international law example essay. Volume 11 Issue 4 Volume 4 Issue 2 In addition, the author has to draw a conclusion based on the investigations and findings.

Table of contents III. Sergio franco result of the examinations. A deviation from these guidelines should be discussed with the responsible supervisor or it may otherwise lead to a negative evaluation of the work thesiis deduction of grade points.

The so-called “red thread” in a scientific work should always be recognizable and understandable by the reader. Criteria for the evaluation of a scientific paper Source: To take care on our aquatic environment in a fast growing urban environment and developing methods to prevent damages and restore our waterbodies is most important for our common future.

Volume 5 Issue 2 What can landscape genetic analyses of Spondias tuberosa Arr. Essay writing for scholarship examples. It is not required to translate English citations in the German language or vice versa and a uniform citation style should be ensured by the author of a scientific work. Volume 13 Issue 5 Stephan Pflugmacher Lima Person. Size The size of a scientific work varies depending on the type of work. The new literacy challenge.


Unexpected meaning of life — an actual national task. berln


International Journal of Environmental and Science Education11 11pp. Research paper capital punishment should be abolished.

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Submission and presentation of the paper The finished work must be submitted to the supervisor no later than the fixed date defined by the supervisors ahead herlin time.

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