Fortunately, vitamin K is to a great extent recycled, which means that even the small amount that is present can be used by the body many times. Please review our privacy policy. Hence, prevention of the condition becomes all important. This relationship helps in knowing both the hetu cause and chikitsa treatment of a vyadhi disease as nourishment of Asraya and Asrayi is similar. This condition and its pathology is eloquently understood by the concept of ashraya-ashrayi bhava —a very important and impressive theory given by Vagbhata in the text Astanga Hridaya. Bone quality is not even accurately defined or completely understood.

Calcium Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Osteoporosis Asthi-Majjakshaya is a disease of elderly people, except in cases associated with malnutrition. Among the sapta dhatus seven tissues , the ashti dhathu bone tissue is the one which is bestowed with the supreme function of shareera dharana bodily support. Acharya charak said Basti as the supreme therapy for alleviating vata. Adults need about mg per day. For any disease, the causative factors described in Ayurveda can be classified into four groups:

Well—not so fast… Since each bone and joint will respond to the strain load individually exercises needs to focus on each one for that 15 minute period. There are two major determinants of bone mass and mineral density in later life: Ethical clearance was also obtained from the Institutional Ethics Committee. Thus, Asthi ksyaya can accurately be viewed as the scaffolding by which humankind stands upright and noble.

Drug, dose and duration Majja Basti was administered for 16 days as a Matra Basti with 60 ml buffalo Majja bone marrow of buffalo along with Asthi Shrinkhala pulp powder filled in capsule mgtwo capsules three times daily for 3 months with milk.


Ayurvefa of the study: Also, while the bone mineral densitometry score does have some small contributing relationship to bone strength, it is certainly not an accurate surrogate measurement for osteoporosis.

Dietary vitamin D appears to be most effective ayutveda a therapy for osteoporosis when combined with dietary calcium.

ayurveda thesis on asthi kshaya

This indicates that the drugs enhance bone formation as well as decrease bone resorption. Hence, an imbalance of Tridosa is seen.

ayurveda thesis on asthi kshaya

Open in a separate window. Aims and Objectives The aim of the present study was to assess the effect of Majja Basti and Asthi Shrinkhala pulp capsules in the management of osteoporosis Asthi-Majjakshaya. For any disease, the causative factors described in Ayurveda can be classified into ayureda groups: Ahartmaka Nidana Dietary 2.

ayurveda thesis on asthi kshaya

At all ages, women have less bone ayurrveda than do men. Asthikshaya is a state where the functional capacity of Asthi bone is compromised due to the decrease in its Guna properties Karma function and structure of Asthi.

The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

It can occur at any age, although it is most prevalent in Caucasian and Asian, small-boned women over In addition to this, BMD test was carried out in all the patients to confirm the diagnosis as well as to exclude the normal patients. However, unlike dietary vitamin K, the clinical benefits of vitamin K2 supplementation have failed to show any significant benefit.

Majja has a significant effect on reducing the Asthi-Majjakshaya osteoporosiswhereas Asthi Shrinkhala inhibits further degeneration. An experienced Ayurvedic physician will have knowledge of natural therapies that may be equally effective for specific health conditions, but without any risk for interfering with bone quality.


Patients having diabetes mellitus DMuncontrolled hypertension HTNthyrotoxicosis, hyperparathyroidism, Addison’s disease, Paget’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, tuberculosis of bone, osteomalacia, chronic renal disease, ayrveda and cardiac failure.

The Ayurvedic Approach to Osteoporosis (Asthi-Majja Kashaya)

Provocation of Vata caused by Apatarpan is due to taking diet and Vihara living habits which vitiate Vata or due to Jarajanya old age. Fruits, vegetables, soybeans, and nuts can be rich sources of boron. The health of Majja dhatu depends on the state of the majjagni. It conceives and describes the basis and applied aspect of life process, health, disease and its management in terms of its own principles and approaches.

Exclusion criteria Patients of age below 30 years and above 70 years. For example, if Pitta increases, then sweat and blood also increase. This is a theory which describes the relationship between Dosha and Dhatu.

Management of established bone porosity is difficult. It has been selected for oral administration. The criteria of diagnosis was based on the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis and osteopenia Asthi-Majjakshaya and relevant physical examination carried out.

Treating debility to certain extent can control the process of osteoporosis Asthi-Majjakshaya. Samtarpana is due to creating Margavarodha causing vitiation of Vata.

Kala vasti — Total of 16 enemas: Chirkalaj roga any chronic illnessAghata trauma Ayurvedic Treatment of Asthi-Majja Kshaya Osteoporosis In Ayurveda, management of any disorder is divided into essential three parts:

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