Last year, CheshireHyperfast was set up locally after it was clear that we, and many other people in our area, were dissatisfied with their broadband provision with little prospect of the situation improving in the near future. As an intensive internet user for work, including telepathology which allows internet remote diagnosis of intraoperative surgical tumours , virtual slide microscopy quality assurance schemes, teleconferencing and science literature research, he knows the future is digital and that future needs fibre connectivity. If in the future a Milton Keynes of Lancashire arrived a new distribution node would just be added seamlessly with a link or two back to existing nodes and no problems caused by a GPON solution either. See the main B4RN website for full details. So, if you are interested in subscribing… or investing… or volunteering… or giving permission to cross your land… or any combination, then register now! Bush, a decision that has limited the F. Similarly there are administrative, clerical and technical support roles to be filled and these skills and time can be offered in kind to purchase shares.

Any further questions you may have can be passed on to David and the B4RN staff, so by all means send them in to us. You can download a full HD film in around 10 seconds for example. On Thursday 6th September volunteers from Ledsham, Capenhurst, Shotwick, Woodbank, Puddington, Burton and Ness are giving up an evening to undertake training alongside the steering group. You can buy B4RN shares with your funds ringfenced for our build. The crossing at the Reading Room to the lane beside the church has been quoted for and so should follow in the next batch of planned work during May or early June. It does not unfortunately apply to people like me who work from home for a company based elsewhere.

On Wednesday 16th May, we held our first meeting since reaching the initial funding target and being given the go-ahead by B4RN. To provide next generation broadband speeds above Mbs requires properties to be connected with fibre optic cables.

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She has worked extensively in Central Europe, CIS and the USA coordinating and collaborating in management development, research and teaching initiatives. Because of his work on farms he is aware of installation issues, topography and engineering issues. Ian Threlfall has been employed as a Network Architect by a large US based company for the last 11 years. Our Public Meeting at Gordale on 9th July was extremely well attended and an estimated people filled the Cafe despite the hot weather!


Tourism businesses have seen an opportunity, are able to advertise themselves as having fast broadband and can charge more. They built a very very high speed pure fibre optic network from scratch with the help of local volunteers, landowners and investors. The meeting was extremely helpful, and painted a realistic and positive picture of the organisation, investment, determination and effort required to carry out a community project of this type.

The B4RN civils team laid the base for the distribution cabinet green box and dig in its power connection from the Reading Room. Carl has worked on several regional and national working groups related to NHS staff development. Obama is sending Mr. Your browser does not support iframes.

The list goes on and when young students are not able to complete their studies online it becomes a real problem for future generations, too. Public sector interventions do not have the funding to trigger upgrades to deliver these sorts of speeds to deeply rural areas like ours.

See the main B4RN website for full details. He grew up in the Lune Valley and returned 7 years ago. On Thursday 6th September volunteers from Ledsham, Capenhurst, Shotwick, Woodbank, Puddington, Burton and Ness are giving up an evening to undertake training alongside the steering group.

DCMS responded that more of the postcodes included in the whole area application will also have to be excluded as there has already been some government b4n allocated to properties in the same postcode n.

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You can also invest via paln a loan to B4RN which can be more beneficial compared to shares for non tax payers. Helping with main route digs — wrangling ducting ready for mole ploughing, helping prepare holes under field walls, helping install access chambers, backfilling Helping with garden digs — helping get 7mm duct from the garden wall to the house wall where the resident is not able to do so by themselves House installs — this involves drilling through the house wall and putting the last length of duct through the wall and fitting the interior and exterior wall fittings, training may be required n.


During his career at Lancaster University he was head of networking, head of technical services and Deputy Director of Information Systems Services.

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A mole plough is on its way to us, and the digging of our own network could even start before the end of May! She believes that this project will be of particular benefit to such communities. Bush, a decision that has limited the F. Why not join us for an update …. Garden digging Once the line reaches each property, the property owner is responsible for getting the line from the boundary e.

Once wayleaves and investment are in place, the digging can begin and the rest of us in the community can play more of a part. Carl is passionate about helping deliver super-fast broadband to rural communities who, from a business and political perspective, are all too often forgotten or ignored. Digging has also still been under way and ducting is now in place up to Swainstead incorporating the first stretch of the route towards Sheepwash and Wham.

b4rn business plan

Volunteers are needed for everything including making the tea! For a residential property: Rural homes for sale in Lancashire often mention they have the B4RN service. Thank you to all who organised, spoke, asked, answered or just attended, and to the Plough for hosting the meeting.

She is also actively involved in the local community.

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