This kind of assurance encourages members to continue their life in the correct way. Furthermore, parent is near to them. This problem becomes worse when they associate with negative peers. So,they will find for a new relationship that can occupies their loneliness and feelings without thinking about the consequences as well. Parents and schools do not inject sex education onto teenagers’ mind since they were small. Jump the queue with a membership plan, get unlimited samples and plagiarism results — immediately! Parents also should provide sex education to their children.

The abruptly change in the families environment is not something easy to adapt in their mind. They should have proper knowledge in moral side to make their self confident and continue their life in correct way and also to avoid them influence by the society. The dumped child is called a foundling or throwaway. Or if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. At the level of puberty,teenagers are full of curiousity and they want to try everything that they have not tried before.

This is because at a young age, teens are very easily influenced by their peers.

Steps To Prevent Baby Dumping Cases | Essay Example

Most of the parents feel ashamed and uncomfortable everytime their children ask them questions about sex. After become pregnancy they will be conducive to diminish the baby and claim it as blessedness child. Furthermore, parent is near to them. We cannot of course prevent them from chatting in the web or engaging into cyber dates since the internet has proven its worth in terms of socialization and communication.

So that, when their friends persuade them do somethings, they just follow what their friends say. The person who we trust more will betray us in disgraceful manner.


Another factor contributing to the increasing of baby dumping cases is lack of knowledge either in moral side or religious side.

baby dumping essay stpm

Besided that, parents should know whom their children friend so that their children friendless with social and must know all their children’s activity. Steps to prevent baby dumping cases 1. First and foremost, I shall brief you essy the factors that causes baby dumping. Besides that, they should spend more time communicating with their children to give a better understanding of what their children are actually doing. This problem should be addressed and resolved to carry out these steps effectively before the situation worsens and threatens the future bayb the country.

Beside that, parent need give upbringing to child about moral since small. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately. The small agitation and compulsion from the people around them distract or convince them to gaby the life of innocent baby in such irritation mannerism. Unknown 19 April at First and foremost, I shall brief you on the factors that causes baby dumping.

Steps To Prevent Baby Dumping Cases Essay Sample

Negative friends who will invite young people to do things outside the boundaries of religion and norms of society, such as going to places of entertainment such as disco, taking drugs and doing free association.

Our country, Malaysia has become a very popular and favourite spot for dumping, esszy the usual garbage dumping but it is the baby dumping.

baby dumping essay stpm

Through this it can control their children’s movement not to trapped with bad esswy at outside. It is needed to encourage responsible sexual behavior and avoid unwanted pregnancies that causes baby dumping. After the process, they might have a baby. Approvals within Hours? Do we, the society, play a good role in handling this issue or perhaps we just take this issue as light as feathers since we got nothing to do with it? The government should organize more campaigns and talks and encourage more students to join to educate them with the knowledge of sex education and the effect of baby dumping to themselves, the community and the country to create awareness among the teenagers about baby dumping and free sex.


Teenagers could access to pornography in just a few clicks on the internet. This can also prevent cases like violation to happen. Because for them, this is the way to show that they are best friends. They refuse to give a positive explanation and a clear view to their children and always claim that they are too small to know about sex. The school should provide proper stpn education to the students so that they will know how important is his or her body and relationships.

In this modern era,baby dumping is one of the main social issue that is happening rapidly day by day. In conclusion, there are many factors that lead to cases of baby dumping occurred.

This case spm every day in news papers,magazine and on social network duming well. Bwby is one of the best medicine to overcome all this kind of social issues because it sttpm the people to keep their heart and mind strong.

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baby dumping essay stpm

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