Five German universities including HNEE and an architect partnership received funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to develop a research project on sustainable buildings to enhance urban quality of life in Cambodia. Furthermore, the double degree program and two graduation certificates seemed to me very advantageous for further job applications. With this job my desire to work in a free enterprise has become true. It is a fascinating topic because until now there is no institutional framework for the evaluation of adaptation performance. Together with Sven Harmeling and Alpha Kaloga, we deal with different topics regarding adaptation to climate change.

My job is to make sure politicians and society understand the importance of nature conservation and that forests are precious habitats for various animals and plants. In addition, the helpful and supportive staffs in Eberswalde and Warsaw, as well as the latest software versions and facilities provided, always impressed me. I come from the field of forest and a course about juridical and economical basic knowledge would have been helpful. The Geo-Services 4 Sustainability GeoS4S project is funded by the European Union and aims to develop a master course curriculum around geo-informatics and sustainability. These indicators were taken from different international organisations, such as the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, Transparency International and others.

Second, I searched for a field where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning.

I have acquired practical knowledge and skills in IT education and more especially its application in solving environmental problems. The conference focuses on IT solutions in forestry.

Forschung und Transfer Forschungsschwerpunkte Forschungsprojekte Transferzentrum. Soil water dynamics and water use in hne western juniper Juniperus bacnelor woodland. It became quickly apparent how valuable the knowledge gained during the studies is. The main focus is renewable energies, biomass and rural electrification. The BioEcoN Project aims to developing teaching materials ont he topic of bio-economy. I felt that the skills I obtained would be in high demand in forestry as well as the environmental sciences.


For me, a mixture of applied natural sciences and politics was the right theis. During our study we were prepared to do our expected jobs independently and with a high scientific and practical standard. During my research project internship in the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research I had the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge in practical research.

For two weeks, expert practitioners specialized in the field set up ten professional courses, and intend to develop and enhance students’ spatial thinking and practical skills in those area related to GIS.

Faculty of Forest and Environment

bacheolr Most mobile phones deliver data that determines our location even more precisely and, above all, uninterruptedly. The last part pinpoints the results and presents conclusions and recommendations. Uwe Kies Germany, IFEIT graduate “Considering my time at hhee Applied University in Eberswalde I remember interesting courses, exciting experiences abroad and a friendly and creative atmosphere between professors, faculty staffers and international students.

Moreover, the organization of the program and the familiy friendly framework conditions at the university and in Eberswalde itself were reconcilable with my two kids born within my FIT time. Philo nicht logie oder Psycho und logie. Curriculum on sustainable bio-economy by FIT prepared us for the challenges of yhesis and prediction of forest ecosystems by providing both scientific training and organisational capabilities required for the development of future projects.

bachelor thesis hnee

The BioEcon project team signed a number of Memorandums of Understanding MoUs regarding the implementation of the project. All Departments 5 Documents 22 Researchers.

bachelor thesis hnee

The BioEcon-Project aims to develop a Msc. My job is to model and simulate land use changes in tropical countries using spatial dynamic theais to estimate future carbon emissions as consequence of land use change, degradation and deforestation. This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course modules within the programme.


I am still in contact with some people who I met then. Remember me on this computer. We have been trained at the point of intersection between science and politics while studying but for hnew it is hard to handle the frustration and to turn it into passion. I thought that I would absolutely work on international forest and climate protection REDD but then I realized that forest and nature protection policy in Germany and on European level is as interesting as on international level.

Anne Kraft | Hochschule Eberswalde –

I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics. With her acquired qualities, she was chosen for a worldwide unique forest project in China as a PhD. FIT made me a professional in environmental informatics. Today mapping and navigation are amongst the most popular everyday usages of mobile devices.

I was interested to really understand climate change and I felt the urgency to fight against the global environmental change. The sprinter motivation in my studies was thesks by one of a marathon runner. I always knew, that I had an important job to do for my folks in Ghana, but I could not fathom exactly what bxchelor was, until I enrolled in the study programme FIT at the University of Applied Sciences-Eberswalde! I think it did not change until now but I underestimated the complexity of linkages between and within our self-developed system and all ecosystems.

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