The installation materialized not just the act of viewing but the experience of being viewed. These events, like the large crits, are mandatory. Kelly, who has been on the undergraduate faculty since and who chaired the M. We invite you to engage with and find connections between us and the world at large. After that I belonged. But Kelly, who had close ties to the North Carolina school, perceived its limitations:

Here we improved on the model by turning it around and getting the students involved. Then suddenly the real action began, and students started lining up around faculty members to schedule one-on-one appointments. Bard is not for everyone. He had grown up in a small town outside of St. Sillman, who herself graduated from the program in , told me: The parameters for what kind of work belongs where are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Kelly, who has been on the undergraduate faculty since and who chaired the M.

Thesis Exhibition

I have the opportunity to spend three weeks in Svalbard, Norway for an artistic residency on board a barkentine sailboat as a resident in the Arctic Circle Residency. The original works vary in size, medium and technique.

Over the next week or two, faculty members were able to expand on their responses in one-on-one studio visits. When Things Come Together a graduate thesis exhibition March 12—15, So I decided instead to do my presentation in the form of music videos and leave my voice out.

His early work with porn had been punk. But my instinct was that he was a good guy. Sillman, who herself graduated from the program intold me: We have shared common interests that surface in the work and explore our subjective truths, fma histories, memories and the impact of trauma.


There were orifices everywhere. As he moved from one cheap living situation to the next, he felt increasingly isolated. He had grown up in a small town outside of St.

Bard MFA thesis exhibition

Marnie related the following, but nearly everyone I spoke to—students, faculty and alumni—had a version of their own: My work explores the spirit of human exploration and the history of Arctic expeditions. His practice suffered and his debts mounted.

bard mfa thesis show 2017

After that I belonged. That has not stopped the graduate committee from pursuing a more ground-level approach.

Bard MFA Class of Thesis Exhibition – New Artists – Art & Education

The first was that music, writing, and the visual arts would be brought together: Art December 10th, I went to Bard to become unsuccessful—and I succeeded. In the preceding year, Thompson had had four solo exhibitions around the world.

Thompson meant to be mildly provocative: Most of the students who are accepted are several years beyond their undergraduate studies; roughly half come from New York City and the other half from all over the world.

The number of these programs grows annually, driven by economic and social realities that have led educational institutions to seek out more flexible, cost-effective learning experiences. At the departmental caucus, several commentators wanted to know what kind of pleasure he took in cutting up pictures of women.


For his presentation, he screened two video slide shows: Advocates thesiis low-residency programs claim that their oscillation between high and low intensities makes them particularly appropriate for artists, whose working lives often alternate between periods of engagement and reflection.

Toward the end offorced to vacate yet another studio, Marnie photographed the work he had on hand and decided to apply to M.

bard mfa thesis show 2017

If you believe the thing that somebody tells you in one hour, in all likelihood you are going to have an appointment with someone else two hours later who will give you a completely different take. Even its adherents have complaints: And though its tuition is half what Yale and Columbia charge, the program struggles to offer financial aid nearly everyone receives something but nobody gets a free ridewhich results in a less diverse, more indebted student body.

Its interdisciplinarity is not trouble-free. The first time felt like an initiation. These primarily lens-based images were crafted via various techniques: It had two basic principles. Marnie was still making collages with porn and still life motifs, but he had also begun plastering huge photographs bagd flowers on the wall, before ripping away at them, leaving large gashes behind.

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