You can learn from online mentors who publish free material for you. Try a new hobby. Stop practicing for a week or two. They show up, follow the right process and win. I am actually barely starting to express to my loved ones about what I have been through and going through.

Busy as he is, he still practices. When I first went to the gym, even the 5 kg weight was too heavy for me. If you see yourself as the footwork guy, begin practicing powermoves or freezes. People who were around to motivate you, make practice more enjoyable and inspired you to level up your game. Then I believe you have bigger issues than just breaking.

If you can find that within yourself, you can be capable of anything and show yourself who you can truly be. Three years went by with just us in the front driveway with cardboard messing around.

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We are just children of the culture preserving the history of our creators and finding ourselves and learning that time never stops birtdhay keep creating. That is what makes it so special, the fact that it can be all of them at the same time. Are you better today than when you started? Be innovative and creative. We practice, practice and practice and then we get too caught up in the game.

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Look at these bboys who are late into their 30s, 40s and 50s and are still breaking: Instead of arguing back with them on why they are wrong, tell them you can see where nboy are coming from and they may be right. You have the power to do whatever you want — as long as you commit to it.


If birhhday say you are as busy as you are — and yet you still have time birtdhay games, TV and YouTube…. After you acknowledge their concerns, give them examples of how it turned out well. Foundation is the ability to understand, making connection with the song and expressing the attitude and putting the flavor on to the move. The thing is — it was okay for them to quit because they had their reasons — most of them lost their love for breaking.

Instead, I will provide you with help on how to convince your parents to let you learn. They put in the 10, hours of deliberate practice. Girls are in every way as dope as guys in this dance — and they should be treated rightly so. You will have to keep on working hard — practicing, learning and improving in the hopes of getting somewhere.

bboy thesis birthday

Then play your music from your smartphone. If you belong to this age-range, and am wondering if you should pick up breaking because it looks kinda dangerous, I fully understand bgoy concern. You get to see clearer within yourself.

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When you hear that music, you are not thinking about the music anymore. And it will still remain true tomorrow. It gave me hope and strength. It feels safe for us — and we feel confident doing the moves that we can already do.


bboy thesis birthday

Not all the times. Show up and commit. Schedule it into your calendar.

The number of girls that ever participated in this dance could be counted with one hand. Some show passion, some show humor, while others are means of inspiration to provoke philosophical thoughts for everyone. I know thssis shitty feeling when you have to practice alone and you run out of motivation.

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Everyone is focused on their own shit or are too busy and they will not be spending that much FREE time on you. Kathy and I can safely say that we are friends. But for the sake of this post, I will have to bring it up, highlight it and hulk-smash it away.

I birthdag tell it was an uncomfortable experience to spend time with me. You guys inspire me.

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