In total there are 12 behavioural case study questions which are divided into 3 case studies, each case study consists of 4 multiple choice questions. To acquire any level of cscs card from labourer to professional and qualified construction operative , the outlay of the exam are similar with 12 case study questions and 38 health and safety. The following questions offer multiple choice questions related to issues of the respiratory system. Behavioural Case Study Questions. What is the next step Jeff should take? Imagine if everything they built can be damaged easily — buildings, roads, highways or other immovable properties.

In each of these case studies you will be presented with a certain health and safety situation. Find someone who works there and see what everyone else is doing. Once you have chosen an answer, there will be no way to return. Once the answer is chosen there is no going back, so consider carefully the answers that are offered. There is no one to be seen and he cannot find the site office. He is unsure of where he should meet everyone during a fire evacuation—what is the next thing Jeff should do?

behavioural case study cscs

The behavioural case study questions are designed to test how you respond to health and safety situations on a construction site. Stand near the entrance of the site until he sees someone. As he is being inducted, Jeff is told a procedure for locking out a broken machine.

Each question will ask you how bejavioural person in the case study should behave. Javascript software libraries such as jQuery are loaded at endpoints on the googleapis.

The following questions offer multiple choice questions related to issues of the respiratory system. What is the first thing he should do? October 11, at Ask a fellow colleague to explain it in detail. August 15, at 2: Once you behavipural selected your answer and then the Next button, you will be presented with the next question.


12 Full CSCS Mock Test Questions on CITB Behavioural Case Study 2015

He is unsure of where he should meet everyone during a fire evacuation—what is the next thing Jeff should do? He has turned up a bit early.

behavioural case study cscs

Will the full day Health and Safety course help? Finish the induction and behavioiral find the health and safety representative to get guidance. The behavioural case study questions that will be in the full test are not published which means that they are not available to revise from in the same way as you can for the knowledge questions.

Free condensed CSCS exam revision notes. January 20, at The Exam Itself The 12 case study questions are divided into three sections. Questions will range from construction site safety, safety equipment etiquette, fire extinguisher types knowledge and much more. Be aware of the long-term health issues caused by dust and other problems. With the core components of the original cscs test remaining the same, this new feature will test your reaction and behaviour towards different health and safety situations as the unfold onsite.

As he heads outside of the area to get water on his break, he notices there is a panel dangling from the ceiling.

CITB Behavioural Case Study Questions Practice Test : Construction Skills Test

Carry on with the induction and hope a fire does not happen—he can follow everyone else if there is an emergency. Each question will give you the chance to follow a fictional character that faces various critical safety scenarios on site. During the stuudy of the day, David cuts his finger. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. What should David do? Post a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published.


CSCS card case study mock exam and questions free for the CSCS test. UK.

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CSCS Behavioural Case Study Questions: Revision Guide

CSCS Mock exam questions and answers. When he gets the ladder and extends it, the ladder ends up being too short when used correctly. September 22, at 7: He puts the ear protectors on and finds that there is a pad missing on the left side.

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