How does the narrator and Fitzgerald decide which events to include in this story? What do you know about her? Instead, you must understand what the current social atmosphere was like. What does this reveal about him or about the nature of romantic love? In your essay, you might argue that Fitzgerald is using the seasons in a traditionally symbolic way or that he adapts or changes their symbolic meanings for his own purposes. Sociology of Education

At the time of his birth America was changing into a country of growing cities and technological changes were happening. Philosophy of Psychology Sports and Recreation For instance, you might develop a more discerning picture of Dexter Green if you compare and contrast him to Jay Gatsby. Theory of Literature Urban women shed their skin

Judy gains a great deal of power in this scenario, but it is power that she will instantly forfeit if she allows any man to win the game.

bernice bobs her hair essay topics

He was newer and stronger. Perhaps from so much youthful love, so many youthful lovers, she had come, in self-defense, to nourish herself wholly from within.

Does the story give us hernice clue to what true happiness is and how it might be eesay One of the topics or subtopics might prompt you to discover an entirely new topic of your own, or you might decide to combine elements of two suggested topics to develop a line of thinking for your essay.


Philosophy of Psychology Ancient Sumerian Literature We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Is the essay based on a book? History of World War II The role of fate: You might want to examine closely the opening passages of section II, in bkbs the narrator states that Dexter “wanted not association with glittering things and glittering people??

bernice bobs her hair essay topics

Middle English Literature Philosophy of Science What are their respective fates? For instance, you might develop a more discerning picture of Dexter Green if you compare and contrast him to Jay Gatsby.

Historical and Archaeological Much of Dexter’s life is shaped by sheer coincidence. Judy refuses to be won over by these suitors, and she has the luxury of doing so without risking their abandonment because of her great beauty. I was unable to view each character with a You might use such a comparison simply in the brainstorming stage or focus on the comparison and contrast in an essay, determining and analyzing the most salient similarities and differences.

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Architecture and Urbanism What kind of commentary does the story make about the topiccs of romantic love? Scott Fitzgerald, plays an important role in some of Fitzgeralds most popular short stories. What kind of person is the narrator, as far as you can tell? Why did he divide the story into six unnamed sections?


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Often he reached out for the best without knowing why he wanted it” Philosophy and Ideas Looking at some of the big questions implied by “Winter Dreams” is another useful way to work toward an essay topic. East Asian Religions Analyze and evaluate the main character of “Winter Dreams,” Dexter Green. Once you have figured out what the house represents by analyzing the description that Fitzgerald provides, you should spend some time thinking about how the symbol functions in the context of the story.

Based on this story, would you say that Fitzgerald considered the pursuit of the American Dream to be ennobling, destructive, or both?

What does this mean about Dexter? This analysis might prompt you to examine further Judy’s character and the paradoxical position of power she jer or to investigate the role of women in Fitzgerald’s fictional world by comparing Judy to Irene Scheerer, the woman to whom Dexter is briefly engaged, or even to Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby. Statistics and Probability

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