Find and contact your counselor today. My walk with the Lord continued to foster growth, as did my age. In the same way, no one would believe that I professed a faith in Christ by looking at my actions. Complete program-specific admissions requirements Check the program-specific admissions requirements page for requirement details. Biola University offers many rich opportunities for me to continue to grow in my walk with the Lord, while attaining a prestigious educational career in Psychology. It was here that my heart grew more receptive to the fact that I was not alone in my sufferings, but many others were enduring hardships worse than my own.

I used to think it was difficult for someone who has grown up in the church, as I have, to actually pinpoint the time when they made a decision to follow Christ. Find and contact your counselor today. At Biola University our common foundation is our faith in Christ and becoming transformed into His likeness. Hear the real stories and experiences of students and get a snapshot of undergraduate life at Biola. I was just accepted into Biola University to major in Biblical Studies this next fall. The School of Education requires all students whose first language is not English to provide proof of English proficiency. At least the demons had enough common sense to fear the majesty of God rather than to ignore Him completely.

Complete program-specific admissions requirements Check the program-specific admissions requirements page for requirement details. Many students discover Biola and just know right away —this is where they belong.

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I did not love God, hate God, fear God, or admire God. Please consult with your admissions counselor. Join us for Enrollment Day! I was no longer disillusioned by a blurred reality. I want them to fear God, worship God, and—above all—to love God.


Stay in Touch Contact Us F. Every day I interact with people whose hearts are becoming increasingly hardened to the very idea of a God that exists. It all starts with you making a move — a courageous, life-altering decision to become a part of the next class appplication extraordinary, intentional, brilliant Biola students.

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In addition to the general steps, there are specific admissions requirements for individual programs. Students bioola be admitted to the graduate program first to be considered for AEP. Discover Biola is a one-day Saturday event featuring a campus tour, admissions and financial aid session, student life panel, class visit and more. My career choice, my entertainment, my music, my relationships—nothing was left unquestioned.

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As I continued to grow in age, growth and wisdom ensued. Each day was commenced by 30 minutes of prayer, along with a weekly chapel service on Wednesdays. We Hire Biola During their time here, Biola students are equipped with the tools and skills they need to excel outside of the classroom.

biola application essay prompt

Slowly my empty shelves were restocked with Bible commentaries, thick theology books, and other works authored by brilliant Christians writers. There was a massive disconnect between what I knew intellectually and appliation I carried out my life. I would say to anyone who asked that I believed in Jesus. Take the Next Step.

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This is the application essay I wrote: Transfer to Biola Looking to transfer from another university or community college? I have taught more and more in our College Group and have even begun a series on Sunday mornings with our Youth Group.


biola application essay prompt

These are my thoughts that I collect throughout the day. Get started getting started. I feel that God is leading me to study the Bible in my next few years at college. As a child, I was raised in a ptompt, Christian home, in which my best efforts in all aspects of life essaay greatly encouraged. Although my life has been blessed with the opportunity to know the Lord at a young age, I have faced many afflictions.

Undergraduate Admissions

As you prepare to submit your School of Education application, be sure to review the application deadlines and application bioka below. The following are the scores needed to qualify for AEP:. Helping you find your way while you receive one of the finest faith-integrated educations on earth. Throughout my childhood, I suffered a physical ailment known as Pancreatitis.

Students eligible for AEP will be assessed by the English Language Program Director to determine the total number of Academic English courses to take while enrolled in their graduate program courses. As a teenager, I attended Apostolic Christian Academy, a small church school, in which my spiritual walk was given immense opportunities to mature in the things of God. I was reluctant at first but essau soon changed.

Ways to provide proof of English proficiency include one of the following:.

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