The pictures show cloud forming over Boscastle at about 1 p. Animation of Satellite images Flash Player required. Cars, walls and even bridges were washed away. Boscastle is located in southwest England less than a kilometre from the coastline. When the snow does melt, large volumes of meltwater will enter the river increasing its discharge and triggering floods.

Widening and deepening the river channel – this allowed the river to carry more water. A flash flood is is a rapid flooding of geomorphic low-lying areas – washes, rivers , dry lakes and basins. We are investing in new ways of predicting heavy rainfall events on a small scale to produce better warnings. Lack of any flood control system – in the form of either raised banks around the river channel or emergency drainage ditches to catch overflowed water. Also, they support police in arranging evacuation and providing rest centres.

A trough is an area of localised rain and thunderstorms. For example, the red areas indicate that rain is falling at between eight and 16 mm per hour.

The river valleys are steep and composed of shale, an impermeable rock. Lack of any flood control system – in the form of either raised banks around the river channel or emergency drainage ditches to catch overflowed water. Prince Charles, who is the Duke of Cornwall, made a large donation to a fund to help rebuild flods of Boscastle.

Case Study – Boscastle Floods

The approximate location of Boscastle in the UK. Flooding can have numerous leveo, economic and environmental effects that can vary depending on the demographics of a population and the economic development of an area. Don’t show this message again. A map of Bihar showing the major rivers flowing through the state. The drainage basin of Boscastle is steep and impermeable rock.


Boscastle Case Study

These floods are often annual, occurring every year when snow melts in the spring. The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain. This youtube link provides us with a clear image of what boscashle flood was like: They monitor water levels and flows.

Bihar is located in the north east of India, to the south of the Himalayas bordering Nepal.

Rivers and flooding – Revision 3 – KS3 Geography – BBC Bitesize

Map of the area affected What happened to cause this event? The big economic effect of a flood is property damage. Cars were swept out to sea, buildings were badly damaged and people had to act quickly to survive.

A line of very heavy rain starts at about 1 p. Huge amounts of water from this sudden downpour flowed into two rivers, the Valency and Jordan which flows into the Valency just above Boscastle.

River management – AQA – Revision 5 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

Physical Impacts Responses to the flooding What happened to cause this event? Four footbridges along the Valency were washed away. Long-term stress and anxiety to people traumatised by the incident. Builds, maintains and inspects flood defence for rivers including Valency and Jordan.


Water can cause stjdy lot of damage to property and when it picks up large chunks of debris such as cars, it can act like a wrecking ball, stjdy out chunks of buildings when cars crash into them.

The thickest cloud is shown by the brightest white areas on the picture.

This encouraged surface runoff. Floods will commonly inundate farmland because farmland normally develops on floodplains.

boscastle floods case study a level

Lecel only this, it can lead to a decline in the local economy as businesses are unable to operate without power or road connections. Cause, effect and response Floods More resources by this contributor 2. A line of convergence formed near the coast line, where air moving in almost opposite directions collides, this helped to increase the rate of ascent and produced very heavy rain.

Similarly, if the river floods onto farmland, the water can be polluted by pesticides and other chemicals sprayed onto the farmland that, when drained back into the river, can pollute it and kill off wildlife that inhabits the river.

boscastle floods case study a level

Hydrograph and brute facts The biggest, most obvious effect is death. Through Bihar flows the Kosi River, a tributary to the Ganges.

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