When the snow does melt, large volumes of meltwater will enter the river increasing its discharge and triggering floods. Damage was caused to local wildlife habitats. Boscastle, Cornwall In August , the village of Boscastle saw a month’s worth of rain fall in two hours. The Environment Agency has carried a major project to increase flood defences in Boscastle, with the aim of preventing a similar flood happening again. In a MEDC, property damage is often extensive as people have lots of expensive possessions.

Download the adaptable Word resource. If the floodwater is polluted by sewage, it will contaminate the farmland and make any food grown on it dangerous to eat. On the 16 th of August, , the small town of Boscastle was almost completely destroyed in the space of just two hours when a 1 in year flash flood occurred at around 3pm and inundated most of the town. It is a warm and moist tropical maritime air mass. The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain.

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Radar imagery Fig 2. The Environment Agency is responsible for warning people about floods and reducing the likelihood of future floods. Four footbridges along the Valency were washed away.

A trough is an area of localised rain and thunderstorms. You studdy to have disabled JavaScript. For example, the red areas indicate that rain is falling at between eight and 16 mm per hour. This link opens in a new window. Physical Impacts Flooding On the day of the booscastle, about 75mm of rain fell in two hours — the same amount that normally falls in the whole of August.


Large chunks of debris and objects like cars can easily get picked up by floodwater and can easily kill a person should they get hit by the debris.

The River Valency flows directly through the town and meets the River Jordan at a confluence in the town. During a flood, sewage pipes are often broken and raw sewage leaks into the floodwater. Lack of any flood control system – in the form of either raised banks around the river channel or emergency drainage ditches to catch overflowed water.

Anonymous 31 October at When the snow does melt, large volumes of meltwater will enter cse river increasing its discharge and triggering floods. Caee, especially flash floods, will kill people. Using the Teachit Geography template, this sorting exercise provides a framework for investigating cause of, effect of and response to the Boscastle flood.

It is one of the poorest states in India where the caste class system, despite its lack of legality, is still in bosvastle use. Animation of Satellite images Flash Player required. Changes in the climate mean that certain areas are going to experience more frequent and more intense storms that can lead to large floods. Long-term stress and anxiety to people traumatised by the incident. The biggest, most obvious effect is death.

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Loss of tourism a major source of income to the village of Boscastle. In a MEDC, people and governments are better prepared for floods.

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Bihar is located in the north east of India, to the south of the Himalayas bordering Nepal. This, in turn, creates new economic opportunities in an area by, for example, creating new trade routes.


Flash floods can also be triggered by slightly more catastrophic events. A line of very heavy rain starts at about 1 p. Land owners were encouraged to maintain vegetation and plant new trees. In doing so, it flooded a large portion of Bihar. Out of a data set spanning years 5this flood was the 2 nd largest in terms of discharge. Not only this, it can lead to a decline in the local economy as businesses are unable to operate without power or road connections.

With a 1 in probability of occurring, Boscastle’s flash flood is considered an extreme weather event.

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Floods will commonly inundate farmland because farmland normally develops on floodplains. Cars were swept out to sea, buildings were badly damaged and people had to act quickly to survive. If it rains for a long time, the ground will become saturated and the soil will no longer be able to store water leading to increased surface runoff.

The line labelled known as a trough line caused very heavy rain and thunderstorms. The most common cause of flooding is prolonged rainfall.

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