How do you feel the experience of race and racism has shaped your work? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black-arsed! Leon himself would never have properly articulated that he lived in this city as opposed to that, he would have felt that where he lived was the centre of the world. Talking about race, I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about dub as a revolutionary form? Yet, though it is scholarly tempting to read them side by side considering their close publishing dates and similar titles, there is no evidence to suggest that Fite Dem Back and Fite Dem are written in response to each other. But I think to really embed it into the consciousness of the country, a drama has to be filmed so students and any other historian can use it as a reference or a starting point into any further study on the subject. Do you think writing has a part to play in the ongoing representation of the Riots?

The first of these catalysts is the death of Blair Peach, a New Zealand born activist living in London and a prominent member of anti-fascist circles. For the characters of East of Acre Lane, Brixton is not simply a story captured in the newspaper, but their home. A Literary and Cultural History. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, To commemorate the occasion, the Black Cultural Archive in Brixton brought together community members from South London for a panel discussion formed of activists and artists alike. Nevertheless, to understand the impact of the Brixton Uprisings on modern British literature, it is first necessary to examine the complex cultural climate that the riots were born out of.

The belief here is as important as the fact.

(PDF) WRIOTING! The Literary Impact of the Brixton Uprisings | Sean Richardson –

So vital was the letter as a cultural artefact that the New Society published an analysis of approximately 3, of these letters for public consumption. I feel writers have a responsibility to entertain and where we include real events to be true to those and where we articulate the suffering of people like Leon or Carol or Castro then to be true to the people who suffered.


I mean for example, he introduced me to the Dennis Bovell dub band. The Media and the Riots in England: Talk shows outside the U. I was very involved with reggae music, I loved reggae as a form and I was a great dancer. Alex Wheatle AW Format: The marker of the riots in the interplay of in situ and media event is thus that they are demarcated from the ordinary. Rather, in the interplay between spectacle and performance that Abercrombie giots Longhurst described over a decade ago, mediated representation and audienceship become part of the repertoire of brxton everyday life performances.

Drawing to a close, when discussing the Brixton Uprisings, it is imperative that one does not read the relationship between the political and cultural landscape of South London in the s as coincidental. Most important here is the manner in which the literature of the riots contrasts with the controversial Scarman Dissertafion ofas well as the dissertation press — particularly The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times each owned by Rupert Murdoch.

This incident sparked four initial days of rioting, fuelled by further dossertation that the police had allowed Bailey to die Nisco, Papers of Cecil Gutzmore. In all, as the political climate of the late s and early s intensified for Afro- Caribbean immigrants, so too did the leading cultural organisations of the decade develop a more sharply politicised agenda. The characters in your book East Of Acre Lane consistently experience institutionalized racism.

Nevertheless, as discussed, it was not simply the Scarman Report that led to the brixtkn of the national narrative that enveloped the Brixton Uprisings. He also describes the outbreak of the Riots through the eyes of a child and I could definitely see parallels in your work through that.

Agency in the British Press: Why did you decide dossertation edit the original narrative? Morley, David and Chen, Kuan-Hsing. By Emily Zobel Marshall. Further to this, literature would prove fundamental after the outbreak of violence in Would you say that dub is disesrtation an experimental form? I also wanted to show how those events, although of massive importance to adults, would not particularly resonate with a child, let alone a child in crisis.


In all, the Scarman Report amounted to an official, state-sanctioned narrative of the Brixton Uprisings — one which many felt excluded from.

brixton riots dissertation

Perhaps more importantly however, the literature and the Uprisings of the s also respond to one another. Black, David and Hogg, Andrew.

The Media and the Riots in England: Unordered Thesis on Days of Disorder

To fully understand the importance of narrative in the Brixton Uprisings however, it tiots necessary to trace the original outbreak of the trouble. Do you think that dub is a necessarily political genre?

brixton riots dissertation

Within East of Acre Lane, Wheatle continues to mark each chapter with a successive date, leaving the novel to tick ominously towards the inevitable outbreak of violence in April. Would you describe your lyrics from as a kind of literature? Kit de Waal KdW Format: Briston resulted in Johnson coming into contact first hand with the strengthened sus laws of the s, as he was arrested under suspicion of causing offence Jaggi, When I went to high school in Jamaica, there were no Caribbean poets of the syllabus, so I had to study Chaucer.

brixton riots dissertation

In this sense, not only do to the events leading to the Brixton Uprisings help to create a politicised poetic climate, they equally provide a narrative platform from which the poet is able to speak to a collective audience.

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