Consideration of any other matters referred to it by the School or University. Provides clear evidence of originality and clearly demonstrates the ability to develop an independent, highly systematic and logical or insightful argument or evaluation. The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. Comb-binding is recommended, and a comb-binder is available in the University print room for a small charge. Consider whether your dissertation were being read for the first time by someone else with no specialised prior knowledge, e.

There may be some evidence of poor academic practice. Provides evidence of originality of thought and clearly demonstrates the ability to develop an independent, highly systematic and logical or insightful argument or evaluation. Adidas Crowdsourcing 12 7. Successful completion of only the taught part Credits of the programme will result in a PGDip. Can the contents of the dissertation be understood from reading just the abstract?

Marks for each criteria will be given between 5 highest score and 0 lowest score.

The University normally expects you to submit original documents in support of your request for Mitigating Circumstances. January intake students will select their research topics and be allocated a supervisor right at the start of Term 2, and start their dissertations from Term 3 — submitting ssheet March Timing of reassessment — full-time students If you are studying full-time and are required to undertake up to 45 credits of reassessment in taught modules ie not your clurseworkyou will normally complete these within thirteen months of having started your masters-level study, if you are undertaking a oneyear full-time programme leading to a Masters degree.

With this great use, social media has been mainly focused as a tool used to gain value and benefit for most companies in the world, including Adidas Group. Each dissertation shall be covef by two internal assessors, one of whom must have had no part in advising the student concerning their dissertation. Any necessary changes to the published deadlines will be notified to students as soon as possible.

Independence The student shows some degree of enthusiasm self-reliance and initiative towards the project without becoming over-reliant on his supervisor or another person.


Conceptual analysis The report will i present relevant ideas from the literature in the area and will attempt to analyse these ideas in relation to the dissertation topic, or ii will reflect a good understanding of the scientific meaning of the data and their relevance in the context of other data drawn from the literature.

Diagrams in Appendix 2 summarise the scheme of studies for Full-time and Part-time students, respectively for the programme you are taking. Failure to adhere to this sehet may leave you open to an bunel of plagiarism 5. Both must have a clear research brinel with specific aims and objectives, a carefully considered methodology, with due consideration of any ethical issues that might arise. This report will cover and analyse of the cober of innovation by Adidas Group through commercially developed social network media.

brunel coursework cover sheet

Quality of results and the clarity of their presentation 90 7. However, Brunel Level 4 credit is not included in brnuel profile or calculation used to determine your eligibility for a Masters degree award.

Such a decision made by the Chair must be reported, as usual, to the Mitigating Circumstances Panel and to the Board of Examiners. The Term dates, showing vacation and examination periods, can be found in Appendix 1.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Can the contents of the dissertation be understood from reading just the abstract? Please follow the protocol below: Terry Collins, of Carnegie Mellon University leaders in entrepreneurship, clean technology and green chemistry.

brunel coursework cover sheet

All mitigating circumstances submissions must be made in written form to the Institute for the Environment office, no later covee 7 days after the assessment event or assessment submission deadline to which it pertains. Elsevier Science Publishing Co.

Internal Communication Maslow, A. If you think that you have grounds for appeal you should try to see if you are able to resolve the matter by talking bbrunel your personal tutor or the senior tutor first but please do not delay submitting your appeal to your School.



Has the wording of all direct quotes been copied accurately? These documents provide staff and students with key resources, policies and guidelines in regards to the assessment of students. The Board courseeork Examiners shall consider written evidence of mitigating circumstances provided by a student, and may, if it is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds so to do, set aside the penalty for late submission. Aegrotat awards shall be clearly presented as such and will not be assigned a classification where this is normally cohrsework.

Information which is on the Internet should be referred to as follows: For example, action was taken over concerns expressed by students about timing of coursework submission dates across parallel module blocks; student submission dates are carefully discussed between staff and students to make students clearly aware of any timing issues. This international sjeet with world-leading experts is important, as the problems faced by society and the potential opportunities that arise for business and design innovation have a nrunel dimension and require global collaboration.

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It is suggested that students select an appropriate topic by initially reading review articles and relevant textbooks. The clarity and completeness of the abstract, which is a summary of results of the dissertation. Principles of Neural Science, 3rd Ed. If you do not submit a Mitigating Circumstances form to the course administrator or representative within 7 days of the submission deadline unless not practicablethe standard late penalties will be applied to your submitted work.

Students and personal tutors make individual arrangements for meetings, and students are also encouraged to approach any member of staff for academic support.

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