This will be supplied by the Nairobi city council and the bills will be paid monthly according to the amount used. They include those customers in slums owning food kiosks, because most of the customers for food in kiosks are prefer eating from kiosks which is cheaper. Skip to main content. Growth will be developed on demand on cereals products. The insurance goes for Ksh. Labor The business will have a capacity of 8 laborers at the start up. Business rules and regulations Rahisi cereals stores shall have the following rules for the effective customer relations i.

The customer is always right. Industry Customers These are customers who buy goods to go and produce others. These include Kenya school of monetary studies, Drive-in primary school and Drive in secondary school. Organization Chart At the start up, the business will take the organization structure style as shown in the chart below: They will also not work on holidays. After registration, the business will get a license Ksh. They would require Ksh 64, per month as salary.

They will be providing both skilled and unskilled labor. Remember me on this computer. At startup the business shall target the slums starting with Mathare North and later go to open a branch in other slums such as Kibera, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Dandora and even Muthurwa.

business plan knec format

Ensure customer satisfaction through fulfilling his needs and solving his problems vii. The format provides you with a framework for presenting your thoughts, ideas and strategies in a logical, consistent and coherent manner.

This will give the business security and hope of continuity in case of break of this risk. It may be opened or closed any time. The table is intended to provide you with a simple format upon which to base your business plan. Industry Customers These are customers who buy goods to go and produce others. Marketing Plan The business potential customers will include the dwellers of Mathare North Areavarious cafes and food kiosk owners.


Help Center Find new research papers in: This will be possible because when there are good rains in the country, food is cheaply sold therefore the cereals will buy in high qualities and stock for sale when food is scare at a whole sale price to the nearby cereals shop around.


Organization Chart At the start up, the business will take the organization structure style as shown in the chart below: New Markets – New Customers.

These will forkat maize, beans, peas, cow peas, flour, sugar rice, muthokoi etc. The following equipment and stationeries shall be used for running the business. The store will be rented at a cost of Ksh. Offering of competitive prices which shall match pkan quality of the product i. Attraction market; this will be achieved through promotional techniques e. In other words the business plan format helps you to clarify your own ideas and present them clearly to others.

business plan knec format

This will be done purposely to satisfy customers and win them from the exciting competitors hence maximizing profits and paln expansion of the business in future. This shall be paid also according to the water used. Before getting a license the business will be registered at Sheria house in Kenyatta Avenue. The qualifications of these personnel are as shown in the organization chart below: There is increased demand in the area because of high population of the middle class people iii.


business plan knec format

Most of the people in slums if not taking food from kiosks, make their own food in the house especially githeri. Good transport and communication network 2. The cereals will be the best in that; i. Insurance When the business will have grown a bit, it will insure its premises and assets, storks and other equipment against fire and theft risk.

Always be positive and enthusiastic iv.


This is due to the following reasons; i. The influence of Rahisi Cereals Stores, the market shares will be as following in the charts below. Organizational and Management Plan The business will be managed by various personnel, in their various sections. Ombati for guidance and support during the business plan.

The table below lists the important elements of a business plan and offers some simple points that need to be taken into consideration in regard to each section.

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