So accounts department is the most important part of the Aarong. So operating department is operating all the data of their booth and operates all kind of network system of the Aarong. In addition, the company offers financing services to the IT sector, and industries; ready cash; windows for SMEs; loan to travel agencies, and diagnostic centers; and non-resident Bangladeshis escrow accounts and gift checks. In our sample size is more than 30, we are used Z test for the study. The aim of corporate governance framework is to ensure disclosure and transference, to define the responsibilities of the board and management to define the right and rule of shareholders and stakeholders to ensure equitable treatment and to avoid conflict of interest. They are appointed the employee in very legal way and select the right person to the right place. The comparative position of the players in the market:

Aarong follows different kind of new services for their organization. And each and every computer is full of that information. The corporate head office is located at Dhaka with 10 ten Divisions comprising of 38 thirty eight Departments. But in recent time lot of local and foreign fair trade organization are coming to doing business in Bangladesh and they are using update technology to gather the market. Aarong discount system is not favorable for customer. Over the years, Aarong has earned a name as one of the finest rural craft producers and marketer in home and abroad. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers in Bangladesh.

The intensity among firms varies plxn across different industries. Tanvir Music theory thesis Torophder Lecturer Prepared by: They are doing all kind of cash transaction with the customer.

Business plan of aarong in bd

The product must be subject to adoration or focused commitment. This means that there are more customers and Aarong has to cater for their needs in order to maintain and expand its market base. The designer and the creators of the product range offered by Aarong, have not only established awrong organization as leaders in deshi handicraft, but have also gusiness interest and popularity for styles and traditional crafts that are native to the country.


business plan of aarong in bd

The two important decision aaronf areas are making available the promised services to the ultimate users and selecting a suitable place for bank branches. In the period of my three months internship program, I got position and some duties in Aarong.

business plan of aarong in bd

So, Artisti Collection means the collection of artist. You will need to decide what business structure you will trade under sole proprietorship, limited company or aarong and what obligations and responsibilities you will have as the owner of a new business. Fair trade fashion in Dhaka City.

Business plan of aarong in bd

With times Aarong has evolved itself as one of the most successful lifestyle store in our country maintaining the tradition and the trends. Ask around before even attempting to start your business-check with similar businesses in the area, or reflective essay prompts high school the country. The color of the peacock in the logo is orange because it represents energy. Some of regular product price is given bellow: The company offers current, savings, term, fixed, and foreign currency deposits; credit products, including trade, import, export, and small and medium enterprise SME finance; term, home, and merchant banking loans; and micro, agricultural and rural, and consumer credit.

Bangladesh online customers feel easy to buy branded products from quality and trusted gift shops like Sada kalo gifts, products, Cats, Peter England, Monsoon Rain, Dressy Dale gifts for women.

The following table shows the time requirement in each step of the study. If Aarong facing any kind of problem then this department are find out that problem and give the solution of those problems. Submission of Report Dear sir: Like inflation, increase rate tax, exchange rates, unemployment, levels of disposal income tax imposes of exported machineries and embargo and so many things. From June 11, to August 19,I am working in marketing department, and work with the employees and talk with people about the marketing policy and strategy.


These activities increase the market stability for dairy farmers and provide high quality products to consumers in urban areas. Pln organization has identified three basic constraints for gainful employment of the low income and marginalized people in the rural areas: Due to confidentiality the policy of the Aarong restricts disclosing some important data.

(PDF) Customer satisfation of Aarong | Md Mahadi Hasan –

Finally, it processes the milk at its factory in Gazipur, where it produces numerous dairy products, e. Television, radio, movies, theater Print media: CRM is often thought of as a business strategy that enables businesses to: Then calculation will be updated automatically.

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, founder of BRAC, noticed this problem and proposed establishing a milk factory to collect milk from local farmers for a fair price.

Over the years, Aarong has earned a name as one of the finest rural craft producers and marketer in home and abroad. This report will obviously increase the existing idea and assist Aarong to do better in future. Ourtraditional clothing has survived many eras. Aarong have a research department those people are very strong skilled. Deficiencies in Data required for iin study.

business plan of aarong in bd

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