It is a substantial number of pupils — there are In a number of integrated schools, the balance could not be remotely defended as near the terms that the legislation specifies. There will be a statement after the report on the ministerial advisory group. We are almost at the end of the second, if not into the third, year of the procurement process. You said that there was one for the Irish-medium sector six or seven years ago. I look forward to that. Parents can make their choice and may have expectations of full- or part-time nursery provision, even though we may never be able to meet everybody’s number-one requirements fully, nor is that what the Programme for Government says.

One of the key points of the initial PEDU report on home-to-school transport was specifically that it was not looking at policy and, therefore, not looking at entitlement, but, in its view, there was a need for a wider review. However, one of the observations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD experts who looked at it was that there was relatively little scope for conversations of that challenging nature between post-primary schools and primary schools, and there was very little evidence that post-primary principals and schools were able to feedback their view on the veracity of the assessment data that they received from primary schools. I know that it is not in legislation, but at least it demonstrated the will of the Assembly. However, we do not want shared campuses to be used to circumvent area planning; that people would use it to argue that a school might be sustainable when it is not. There is not a mention of it. As you know, the Minister gave a commitment last year that the three-year corporate plan for the education sector would be reviewed annually to ensure the strategic direction of the Department and that the bodies for which it is accountable would remain valid.

I was in a school c2kk Friday in which the staff talked eloquently about the full range of diagnostic assessment tools that they use. For example, the Minister recently launched a strategy on healthy food in schools, which clearly contributes to things such as obesity and public health targets for the Department of Health. Finally, I have some sympathy with Trevor’s point on integrated education.


It is a helpful point.

Official Report (Hansard)

I will offer a word of caution, John. There is a body of evidence locally, nationally and internationally that setting out a range of knowledge and plsn that pupils ck2 reasonably be expected to have acquired through good-quality teaching and learning at certain key stages in their education is a valid approach and a valid way forward. John, where do you intend taking this? That joint working happens. I am conscious that the last time we talked about the business plan, we discussed setting a whole day aside to discuss it.

That was the point that I was making to Sean. There is just one other issue, and that is the home-to-school transport review that the Minister announced.

The PISA gave us a very different set. The Minister has made very clear to us the importance that he attaches to the delivery plan. That is an amazing achievement by the folk who work in our early years providers and those in the boards who coordinate all of that provision. Indeed, one of the areas of work that the Department is going to commission shortly will look at the extent to which the full capacity of C2k is being used, not just the modernisation now, and whether we are fully using what we are paying for.

That is an example of a clear response to direct feedback from schools. He concluded that publishing detailed action plans at this stage was no longer the most appropriate case of action, however, when we look at the business case, we are basically being told that a considerable amount of work has been done and the action plans are there.

c2k business plan

I welcome the new strategic objective on work, North and South, to enhance the outcomes of young people. That is the reality.

I do not want to expand on the conversation, but I want to ask about the cross-border survey. BUC label or the extent to which some of those can come from mainstream funding.

We have always had frank exchanges, and we did not always agree. Australian Migration Centre’s associate company for Canadian migration and related services, Canadian Migration Center will conduct informative seminars on Sunday November 15 at Jaic Hilton, Colombo 02 from 10am – 12noon and on Tuesday November 17 at Hotel Sapphire, Budiness from 6pm to 8pm. Specifically in relation to the issue of looked-after children — we are hearing more and more of that coming out of the debate on common funding, which is welcome — the indicators have changed.


c2k business plan

If you were linking your modern languages strategy to your economic strategy, you would be looking much more at the growth of languages that would not be traditionally taught in schools here. Ubsiness, apart from Mervyn, I think that I am the only survivor fromso I associate myself with the Chairperson’s remarks.

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I know that it is not in legislation, but at least it demonstrated the will of the Assembly. I want to place that on record. Talking to school leaders and educationalists and looking at the feedback from international best practice, there is less of an issue with the levels of progression than there is with the mechanisms by which pupils are assessed.

Katrina has spent considerable time on those issues in the past few years, and others will do so in the future. The reports on the work that is under way will help us to inform and, perhaps, to challenge aspects of procurement requirements to make sure that they can be adapted to best meet the needs of schools. Some may make plans and reach decisions with a small group that is distant or insulated from the day-to-day reality of the change.

I think that we have had this conversation before. Management School in the heart of Colombo. I am surprised that you do not have a section for very arm’s-length bodies, frankly, and you could have put it in there. It has been very concerned to make sure that the sort of interventions that it might propose also have a sound educational evidence base.

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