Applicants to Oxford will not have to complete an SAQ, so they may wish to include the elements of the course that appeal to them in their main Personal Statement. For more information, you might find our article 5 key factors to consider when choosing A level subjects helpful. Typically, the central university management will work with the department heads to decide on rough quotas before any applications are received. As well as needing to put forward a stellar personal statement, students will usually need to sit additional tests, submit examples of their work and attend an interview. University prospectuses and websites clearly explain what topics a degree will consist of so do your research and make sure you feel enthusiastic and excited about your choice. Find a Course Offered in small class sizes with great emphasis on the demands of the specification and exam technique. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Topics Access to university. Making an application to any university is quite an undertaking. Year 11 three years before you intend to start university Do: Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters. The main points to take away would be: Location London Birmingham Cambridge. How have my experiences expanded my enthusiasm for my subject?

However, nobody except other university admissions tutors knows how common using social media to check up on students really is. There are example tests online and your school might also be able to give you some tips on what to expect and how to prepare. There was a furore in when a Cambridge University admissions tutor wrote in the Emmanuel College magazine that he uses Facebook to get additional information about applicants.

The most notable part is that you can submit a character additional personal statement, allowing you to expand on your UCAS personal statement with Cambridge-specific details.

cambridge saq additional personal statement example

Oxford and Cambridge are known for their tutorial approach to teaching, which means that during their degree students will prepare work and will then spend an hour discussing that work with a university academic.

How will this make me a better student in the future? Your tutors can point you in the direction of accessible textbooks and it might also be worth subscribing to a relevant publication such as the Economist or the Lawyer or seeing if your school library has dtatement subscription.


Interviews, Exams and Extra Work. Admissions tutors may ignore the personal statements of students applying for engineering and science subjects, Smith said.

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For vocational courses in particular, organise relevant work experience. It is very important that you take enough time to put your application together. Some students usually those who have not taken cambrridge pre-interview test will be required to sit a test at interview. Ucas, the university admissions serviceis considering whether students should write a separate personal statement for each of the five university courses they apply for, rather than write a generic personal statement for all of them, as they do at present.

Email required Address never made public. Reading is […] an absolutely essential form of preparation. Here are 6 tips.

The first draft of the Personal Statement should be completed by the end of summer holiday between Year 12 and 13, which means any extra reading or work experience that a student may wish to include in it must be completed before this time.

Other types of work experience can also be very valuable to an application, even if at first glance they appear less impressive. Start working on it in the summer between years 12 and 13 if you plan to go to university straight after year This is an additional form to the UCAS one, requiring you to fill out extra personal details and your complete education history, including the A Level or IB or equivalent topics you have covered, and the raw marks of any exams you have already sat as part of your current courses.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sit Persoanl examinations, or internal end of year 12 examinations. You should be able to think and talk about ideas beyond the scope of school aaq and above the level of your peers. Once you have this draft, it is a good idea to seek advice from others about what reads well, what could be cut without detriment to your application, what should be expanded upon and whether anything cambridgge missing.


Previously taken halfway through a two-year A level course, they were a useful indicator to university admissions tutors examplr student aptitude. Hopefully this article will have provided prospective Oxbridge applicants with the information they need to put together the strongest possible application. Visit the other universities to see how you would feel about studying there and seek advice; parents, teachers and friends will all be able to give you a new perspective to help you decide what to do.

Did campaigning for the most recent election remind you of a piece of propaganda from the First World War?

cambridge saq additional personal statement example

It is very important, therefore, that you work hard and achieve your potential in whatever assessments you face for the full duration of your A level study. Applying to Oxford or Cambridge is a considerable undertaking.

Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge tutors

Another way of proving you can be a thoughtful is by drawing links between topics, books, articles, films, lectures, etc. Subjects change a lot at different levels: View all posts by Dan. As with the pre-interview tests, there are often past papers online or guidelines about what to expect. Create your website at WordPress. Advise your students that they need not agonise over drafting and redrafting an SAQ; it cambrivge simply a supplement to the main body of the Personal Statement, in case they have more they wish to tell the admissions tutors.

cambridge saq additional personal statement example

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