A child may prefer that the meeting is not held in school. This could involve attending the meeting, or providing their views in a format of their choosing. The views of any child below this age should be represented by the Social Worker. Child Protection Plans updated Apr They may wish to have someone with them as a supporter or advocate.

Additionally, any religious festivals, events or observances should be considered when scheduling meetings. The views of any child below this age should be represented by the Social Worker. In some cases, it may be appropriate to invite a younger child to part of the meeting, but care should be taken in exposing young children to adult discussions. This must be specifically agreed by the worker’s line manager before case closure and this management oversight evidenced through a case note on the child’s file. A child who is the subject of a Supervision Order will receive regular multi-agency monitoring and Child in Need planning as with any other child under S17 unless the subject of a CP Plan.

The following considerations have been recommended by a group of young people:. Protecting children from radicalisation: All meetings would normally involve parents, and children where appropriate. Arrangements should be made for attendance at the Transfer Conference held by the caambridgeshire authority to ensure full information is transferred. Preventing unintentional injuries among the unders in the home. Child and Family Assessment. A senior practitioner, with the allocated Social Worker in attendance, should chair the first Child in Need meeting which should take place within four weeks of referral.

Organised and Complex Abuse. Domestic violence and abuse in adults and young people aged 16 plah and over 7. At the final CIN meeting a lead professional will be identified within the professional network as necessary and this must be lscv recorded on the closing minutes.


There is no set level for quoracy at the meeting, however the meeting must be able to achieve its objectives of formulating a plan, so information and reports should be sought from key professionals unable to attend.

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Keeping children safe in education, DfE. Subsequent meetings will normally be chaired by the allocated Social Worker. Cambridgeshire Local Protocol for Assessment.

2.2.5 Planning and Review

Any young person aged 12 and above should be routinely invited to be involved in the Child in Cambriddgeshire meeting. The Review CIN Meeting should involve those that were responsible for drawing up the original plan and who are still involved, along with anyone who has become involved in the meantime.

cambridgeshire lscb business plan

Child Maltreatment 7. However, concerns about sharing information should never be a barrier where the failure to do so could result in a child or vulnerable adult being placed at risk of harm or where seeking consent might increase the risk of harm. Resolving Professional Differences Escalation Policy. Plans will usually be based upon a Single Assessment, as either a new referral or a ‘refresh’ of a previous assessment. The first Core Group meeting must be held within 10 working days of the Initial Child Protection Conference where a child has become the subject of a Child Protection Planand is convened for the family and professionals to further develop that Plan.

Action to be taken following a Referral to Children’s Social Care.

Planning and Review

Parents should be encouraged to take notes if it will help them keep track of discussions, and also to ask questions and participate fully in discussions. The reason for holding such a meeting might include:. In some cases, it may be more appropriate for another professional, such as a teacher to ascertain the child’s views and represent them to the conference They can be supported in attending by an advocate or can request that an advocate attends on their behalf.


The full engagement of parents in conferences must be encouraged and supported. Parents should be encouraged to make arrangements for the care of younger children during the conference and, where there is a possibility of the conference running beyond the end of cambridgesire, for older children to be collected. Care of unaccompanied and trafficked children: Cambridyeshire social worker must prepare a report for the conference and ensure this is shared with parents at least two working days before the conference.


Statutory guidance for local authorities on the care of unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children 7. The following should be read in conjunction with the Child in Need Flowchart. The purpose of the conference is to review the safety, health and development of the child in view of the Child Protection Planto ensure that the child continues to be adequately safeguarded and to consider whether the Plan should continue or change or whether it can be discontinued.

Statutory guidance for local authorities on the care of unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children

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