The description section should make the content and entertainment value of the game obvious and convincing. Since protection is only as good as the weakest point in the system, security and assurance present particular challenges in IT, where the scope of concern passes the total system. Please use sans-serif or non-proportional fonts only for special purposes, such as distinguishing source code text. Materials must be printed on one side of the paper only. Must be physically present during the proposal and final oral presentation to provide support and clarifications for and in behalf of the team. The document must be signed by the Chairman of the Panel, the panelist, the Adviser, the College Dean. Saturno Adviser March, the batch month and year Appendix J.

Students do it in the final year of studies and it is their opportunity to demonstrate that they can indeed meet the levels of performance expected of an IT professional. It may extend across both columns to a maximum width of A sequential listing of all major parts of the research with corresponding page numbers. Arabic numerals are used. For a section head and a subsection head together such as Section 3 and subsection 3. IT research will address questions related to the content of practice, that is, questions about computing.

Subsections The heading of subsections should be in Times New Roman point bold with only the initial letters capitalized.

The Introduction narrows the focus of the study and provides a brief rationale for why the particular study is worth pursuing. Students are encouraged to produce innovative results, generate new knowledge or theories, or application areas. It shall be the duty of the adviser to see to it that the compliance matrix is prepared and contents therein are complied with. After this, the student is invited back into the session to hear the decision.


Capstone Project Guidelines – University of Cebu CICS Portal

Saturno Adviser March, the batch month and year Appendix J. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bounded.

capstone project guidelines ched

The credit shall be based on the percentage of delivered items. Subheadings are recommended for discussions that are substantially long.

All tables must be referred to in the text by number. Five 5 hard bound and three 2 electronic guidelimes stored in CD-RW. The preliminary pages are numbered in consecutive lower case Roman numerals.

With reputable industry or field experience or expertise relative to the area of research to be advised b. We also recommend phone number Helvetica point and e-mail address Helvetica point.

Capstone Project Guidelines – University of Cebu CICS Portal

The adviser is expected to: Add capetone document to saved. Recommendations should be feasible, workable, flexible and adaptable in a non-technical language and may include suggestions for further studies. IT graduate needs to be broad enough to recognize any computing need and know something guidelijes possible solutions. Margins on other sides shall be two and a half centimeters or one inch. They will be expected to meet a number of strictly enforced milestones and to take considerable initiative in realizing specific goals.


Present and discuss only the system analysis and design tools that were actually used in the development of the project. Internal technical reports may be cited only if they are easily accessible i. This may be but not limited to application development that focuses on software engineering processes or application design that focuses on effective testing procedure or a study on application development processes.

Numeration of tables should be chronologically continues through the text or the whole book.

capstone project guidelines ched

Ensure that all necessary revisions, suggestions and recommendations are included in the deliverables before final submission and acceptance. Capstone Project Loan Form.

Paragraph indentions shall be five 5 spaces. The departments involved, guiddlines the chairpersons, shall create in formal writing the extent and details of collaboration.

capstone project guidelines ched

Proprietary information may not be cited. All signatures on the approval page must be original and signed using sign ink pen.

Skip to main content. For both Background of the Study and Project Context remember the following: Reasoning about naming systems. These must be checked by the panelists. The location on the page, in regards to the table or figure, in which you place each label must be the same location for every table or figure.

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