Sponsor a team As a company, member of the community, or individual, we look to you to propose projects. He loves the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of the natural world. You need to show me your draft poster before you send it in for printing. Groups can turn in one, group-authored copy of all project components except the detailed idea and the design final draft — in that case, each person needs to do their own individual assignment. Please have all of the assigned reading for a given week completed before the Monday class meeting.

Rehearse the oral preparing for the presentation of the poster. Scope of work Projects are initiated in August and concluded in early May. I grew up partially in Eastern Europe in a country called Romania. I am dedicated to living an intentional life, designed around my unique goals and values as well as the curiosity that drives my work as a scientist. This webpage documents the final details of this project and includes the presentation that I gave to the UGRADS Symposium to complete my capstone project. Meet the amazing team of motivated and hard working interns and students who have made semester long commitments to help shape the Flagstaff EcoRanch, promote our mission statement through their independent research and hard work, and integrate themselves into the Flagstaff Community.

I spent the last semester abroad in Thailand learning about a whole new culture and exploring new landscapes. Aloha, projsct name is Ryan. Riley is from Newport Beach, CA. If you have any concerns or are falling behind, I can help, but please take the initiative to see me as soon as possible if this is the case. School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems. Grading Policies Absences from class.


However, I realize life happens, and for fapstone reason you are allowed to ask for one hour extension on any one assignment, without penalty and no questions asked. Why do we do what we do?

Input Assignments 3 20 points each 60 6. I love getting outside, roasting in the sun, hiking and touching rocks.

Detailed Idea — 75 points Ungraded stuff you do first: We WILL illustrate a few screens of the project using non-technical, freely available tools for drawing buttons, text etc. A review of research exploring the links between mobile technology habits and cognitive functioning. Technology and Learning 1.

Capstone projects | School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems

Other tasks projetc researching and ordering supplies, seeds, daily ranch maintenance, chicken care, cooking, cleaning, financials, building raised beds, hauling wood and soil, and just being a great friend.

Revised description and explanation of what your application does and how it does it. Lastly, there are three short idea assignments, where you look for materials online that relate to the class and turn in a list of those. This team developed a Self Guided EcoRanch Tour and Nature Walk that visitors and Airbnb guests can use to learn about our nonprofit and the flora, fauna, history, and geology of Flagstaff.

Senior Seminar and Capstone Project

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This webpage documents the final details of this project and includes the presentation that I gave to the UGRADS Symposium to complete my capstone project. Journal 13 entries 10 points each 5. These studies have allowed me to explore many interests and opportunities this beautiful planet has to offer.

This should make up at least pages of your paper. Here are the sources and materials we will be projecct with: I reserve the right to ask for written documentation of your emergency; please get this to me ASAP as I am bau more likely to excuse your absence if I hear about it quickly rather than days later.


She hopes to work in the field of environmental policy and is planning on attending grad school. I expect you to behave in this class as you would behave in a paid professional setting.

Interns and Capstone Students

If you or your organization desire to have a team of SICCS seniors work on your project, please contact James Palmer for computer science projects and Kyle Winfree for electrical engineering projects. This assignment is deliberately set up to push you out of your comfort zone.

capstone project nau

Brainstorm about different topics that you are interested in pursuing. Use APA style and include at least 5 scholarly primary sources. The product you create will be a design for an application to run on a mobile device iPhone, Android, or tablet or Web browser. He and Mike created a scale model of the EcoRanch on Growveg. Originally from Maui, Hawaii, Micah has always been influenced by nature.

capstone project nau

Most class meetings of the semester will be structured like this: Growing up I always had access to fresh organic produce right out of the ground, so finding the Flagstaff Ecoranch was ideal. The Promise and Perils of Technology Welcome to the class!

capstone project nau

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