This BBC video explains how Alzheimer’s patients can be tracked with satellite technology. One privacy concern with activity trackers is the use of data by insurance companies. Are we living through a Lens? ITGS students are also encouraged to share their findings from both secondary and primary research with classmates and other ITGS students using collaborative social media sites such as Wikispaces, Googledocs, or Diigo. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. We will update this area when there are some AMAs.

Every Step you Fake is an indepth report on the privacy, security, and integrity issues related to several modern activity trackers. SmartThings is a company offering home automation technology to monitor, control, and secure your home. W3 Schools has probably the best clearest explanation of XML, with plenty of examples to help students understand. Follow ITGS on social media: There are a number of online services that will do this. The US military are even developing a ‘ smart tattoo ‘ to monitor troops’ vital signs constantly and unobtrusively. Although this video focuses on the IoT when applied to cars, the explanation of data collection, prioritisation, sharing, and analysis make it a really valuable resource which could easily be applied to the smart homes in the case study.

This video covers a wider range of benefits, including stuudy in healthcare, travel and traffic, and manufacturing. Some initial searches have resulted in comprehensive charts such as the following produced by Beecham Research. XML is a way of structuring data in a standard database-like format so that it can be transmitted over various protocols.

This BBC video explains how Alzheimer’s patients can be tracked with satellite technology. Apple WatchFitBitand Misfit pages all contain itts wealth of information. This is a sector where technology is changing rapidly. Are we living through a Lens? This subreddit encourages questions, constructive feedback, and the sharing of knowledge and resources among IB students, alumni, and teachers.


ITGS Case Study 2017 – Wearable technology

The case study for November is still Smart homes. The new Case Study Postings from this group are also included on the related ITGSopedia webpage. The key words are protocol and stduy data format.

As a cutting edge company its website is well worth a visit to find out about the latest in smart home technology. Students can download these files, examine them in a text editor, and use them with tools cass Google Earth Pro in order to better understand how they work.

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ITGS Case Study Protocols and Standard Data Formats – OSC IB Blogs

Log in or sign up in seconds. The case study booklet introduces the issue of privacy on line IFTTT pronounced like ‘gift’ without the ‘g’ is a system providing automation of devices and services through simple sets of acse called recipes.

PC Magazine has reviews of the best apps in this category. There are a number of online services that will do this.

Case Study is focused on Wearable Technology — Shudy Health Tech KHT with the key challenges involving current stdy future issues related to the health and well-being of individuals. In order to collaborate with other teachers and students in conducting secondary research, please join …. TeleHealth doesn’t improve quality of life The Atlantic takes a similar view.


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ITGS Textbook | Case Study – Smart Homes (Paper 3)

Flairs Make sure to choose a flair for your username! The Pitfalls of the D. Their website has over a dozen case studies of smart homes projects ranging from basic installation to advanced automation. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Smart homes do raise a variety of ITGS social and ethical issues, some of which are covered in the articles below.

case study 2017 itgs

Product home pages are a good resource for learning about the technological features that are available today. Both resources are at the beginning stages since the work on the Case Study will start in September in preparation for the May exam.

case study 2017 itgs

Although this site is quite speculative, I have included it here because the predictions it makes could be the basis for a good classroom discussion about the future of smart homes, the benefits, and any potential problems.

One possible use of smart homes is to monitor elderly people or hospital cwse. Remote Patient Monitoring Lets Doctors Spot Trouble Early WSJ explains how more advanced tracking technologies are being used to monitor patients with chronic conditions such as extremely high blood pressure or cardiac problems.

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