This also resulted in a reduction of the harvest resulting in annual production far below the existing demand. Each spillway contains six Van De Giesen, N. The problem of human resettlement created one of the earliest and by far the most serious impacts of the Volta River Project which the Authority had to face. The shrimp farming empowered the local people economically by providing them with employment opportunities and sources of income.

Here you can see your options at any age. By , this new demand necessitated the construction of another dam, a smaller dam at Kpong downstream of the Akosombo Dam. The most vulnerable groups were fishermen and school children. It has thus far proven difficult to control the snail intermediate hosts by eliminating the aquatic weeds. Praziquantel was taken orally and so did not have any direct effect on the environment.

Remediation of the environmental impacts of the Akosombo and Kpong dams.

Dzidzo, ; Ansah and Tetteh-Mensah, It shows that Ghana is less developed that the UK, which statistics show this and why? It was a switch between onchocerciasis river blindness and urinary schistosomiasis. As a result of strong protest from chiefs and opinion leaders of the affected communities, the Volta Sgudy Authority VRA came under intense pressure to institute remedial measures to mitigate the economic hardships brought to bear on them.

case study akosombo dam

Here you can see your options at any age. The electricity is sometimes sold to neighbouring Togo and Benin, but only when there is an excess. Increased human migration within the area has been driven by poverty and unfavorable resettlement conditions.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Akosombo Dam. There has also been a loss in the river based fishing industry.

Other problems included the Volta itself — the river flooded insetting the project back three months as workers had to dredge stretches of the river bed again. Andrew Ross Civil Engineer. Onchocerciasis is transmitted by the black-fly Simuluim damnosum which breeds solely in fast flowing waters. Environment, Development and Sustainability 3 1: Most or practically all the activities meant to address the problems are ongoing.

The Akosombo Dam on the Volta River was built in to enhance and accelerate economic growth of the newly independent state, Ghana. The songs were composed by and the program organised by Dr.

As a remedial measure, the VBRP with support from VRA implemented some of income-generating projects that sought to provide employment opportunities for the inhabitants of the affected areas.

Akosombo Dam

Image courtesy of ZSM. The project was conceived as a symbol of sound economic progress in the newly independent country. The dam provides electricity to Ghana and its neighboring West African countries, including Togo and Benin. The other main focus in Northern Ghana is to provide safe drinking water. Find Out More Attempt this acse graphing exercise Watch Video 1 and write down as many key features of Ghana as possible What does sttudy 2 show about life in Northern Ghana?

This long history of exploitation by foreigners left Ghana very poor, so when independence was declared in the country faced huge problems. Shrimp stocking ponds were dug along a gradient on the banks of the river.


Several reasons have been given for this state of affairs, including inadequate time scheduled for planning and implementation, shortage of administrative capacity, insufficient political will and finance, absence of meaningful local involvement and commitment prior to its development.

Factors affecting the prevalence of schistosomiasis in the Volta region of Ghana.

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The drug or medicine used was praziquantel tablets Biltricidewhich effectively reduces the worm and egg load borne akosommbo infected people. Akosombo Dam Hydroelectric Plant. Infant Mortality per live births. Creek agriculture diminished because there natural flooding no longer left rich alluvial deposits that improved soil fertility in the overlying upland areas.

Kwame Nkrumah adopted the Volta River hydropower project. Since there was no extraneous matter other then the river water from the main stream, pollution of the river was eliminated.

case study akosombo dam

The scheme comprised a main dam, a secondary dam, water intakes, a power station and two spillways. This, along with run-off from nearby cattle stocks and sewage pollution, has caused eutrophication of fase river waters. Akosombo is a rockfill dam.

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