The system must make it easy for technicians to update the component and configuration information. The current system does not accurately track configuration information, leading to wasted time for technicians and clients. Each EquipmentComponent is a particular ComponentType. Would you track accounts payable? Optional Entities A classification of Equipment. Leads to wasted effort and dissatisfied clients. Would allow technicians to see what other technicians had done.

Causes and Effects Receptionist takes calls and route to technicians with phone transfer or e-mail. Logon Multiple Values of Information i. Pay careful attention to the classification. These two entities could be combined into one entity, but with their different uses, a case can be made for have two entities. Techs should be able to enter work performed on a service request Only techs should be able to enter work performed on a service request Techs should be able to enter new equipment to the system. If client calls back, request can get duplicated and worked on by multiple technicians. Vendor would be a parent table to PurchaseOrder, contributing the VendorID in a non-identifying relationship.

Create a searchable database of configuration information. Evaluate their thought processes. Make sure students specify primary keys that uniquely identify the entities as well as use proper names for the keys.

Case study CTTS milestone 09 application architecture

A component that has been checked into inventory A piece of information concerning software configuration for the Client and possibly for a piece of equipment. If you, the instructor, choose to do your own solution, it may be different, depending on your interpretation of the xase provided. If you will be doing Milestone 5 as a separate assignment, you may want to withhold this solution. Would you also have payments? In this milestone enough information was provided mllestone be able to quantify some but not all annual benefits.


The proposed system could allow clients to enter service requests online, saving receptionist time plus providing more efficiency. Whether or not they identify the optional entities will depend on how they interpret the user requirements and on their experience level with database normalization.

Students should realize that the Parent-Child relationship found in PurchaseOrder and PurchaseOrderDetail will be present in any invoicing system and many other systems as well. Requirement The system should allow technicians to view and edit hardware component information in the field.

Subject to interpretation, this diagram is in third normal form, which is the bulk of the assignment for Milestone 5.

Configuration information should milestlne be accessible from the Internet for security reasons. Leads to wasted effort in the field, unbilled hours, and dissatisfied clients. Primary keys cannot be changed in some systems, and it is never good practice. Primary keys are shown at the top of the list of attributes and marked with PK.

case study ctts - milestone 09

This makes a one-to-one relationship. Students should be able to defend their answers with specific statements from the case study exhibits.

Case Study CTTS – Milestone 01 Scope Definition Solution_图文_百度文库

Each ServiceRequest will be worked on with zero or more WorkRecords initially zero but eventually at least one. In your class discussion you might point out that functional requirements show up in the context model, while generally non-functional requirements do not show up in the context model other than to specify the actors that can do send or receive certain information.

Some, but not all, of the configuration records could be associated with a piece of Equipment. Make sure students identify a cause and not restate the problem. If use barcode scanning, would have to make sure barcode was on every piece of equipment.


case study ctts - milestone 09

BarCode is the primary key for both EquipmentComponent and Inventory. The proposed system could provide a customer history that would allow for better service. The students should try to identify the causes and effects of the problems identified in Milestone 1.

Systems Analysis & Design Methods, 7e

However, some users have very specific ideas or expectations of what software and technologies will be used. The sample RSS provided here represents a general description. Would lead to better customer satisfaction. Three-ring binder is difficult to keep up-to-date because word processing documents cannot be updated in the field. Some students may have given more specific descriptions such as those found in the first column of the problem statement matrix.

This would also be a system-generated number. csae

case study ctts - milestone 09

If client calls back, request can get duplicated and worked on by multiple technicians. In most activities explanations for why things were done as they were have been provided to aid in your understanding of the solution.

Also, make sure they specify proper objectives to correct the problems. However, Jeff Summers states that the computer name is sometimes changed.

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