Small scale evacuations of women and children took place at the height of the Munich Crisis in September , but the major evacuation began in September Joan Phillips Location of story: We were asked to stand up and turn around for the locals, who had lined up against a wall to inspect us. I was a nervous child to start with, but the selection process was humiliating, and that stuck with me in later life. There are no lists or registers of evacuees available online. On Sunday September 3rd I was sitting on the settee with my Mam and Dad listening to the radio, the Prime Minister came on to tell us that England was at war with Germany. Family Tree Live – round-up of an amazing family history show!

I wish to allow those voices from the past to come back to life to tell their stories for future generations , some of which I share below. There, I found my mother standing outside in the rain. As their journey into the unknown begins, two young evacuees, complete with their gas masks in boxes, speak to the crew of the train taking them away from their home town or city. I cannot remember the name of the couple who took me in or even what they looked like, but I do remember the address: After all, it was still the high holiday season, and instead of receiving more affluent boarders, they had to put up with a load of evacuees. We were then sent to a boarding school in Wales and only went home once from to

case study evacuee ww2

World War II evacuation project. A Living History Experience Editorial note: The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced. Our Mum used to visit us every month when we were away and used to bring all sorts of sweets. Some Saturdays we would go the Whitby on the bus and have a look around the shops.


case study evacuee ww2

Pupils come from a wide range of social backgrounds, mainly from the village and a few outlying farms and all are from a White British background. Add to My HA Add to folder. It stjdy what I’d dreamed it would be: While there we learnt that our father had died.

One showed an air raid warden standing over a boy with the words: For some it was little more than a evacue abuser’s charter.

It was the worst school I had ever attended. In the worst cases children were left near starving while their hosts spent most of the money on themselves.

BBC – WW2 People’s War – An Evacuee’s Story

We were taught that if there was a raid and we were in a field, to lie down flat until the all-clear went or go to someone’s house for safety. Another evacee time was being taken to Aberystwyth in Wales to see the sea, which I had never done before. The little stream over the road used to freeze in the winter and this special day we decided to take the sledge on the stream and we sat on and suddenly the ice started to crack and before we could get off we all went through casf ice and got all wet, it was a good job that the water was only shallow.

The gist of it was that if something didn’t happen quickly I was going to run away. GB Almost all had been evacuated to cwse reception areas by the evening of 3 September, a few hours after the official declaration of war. I cxse my own bedroom but our Olive had two beds in her room.


Individual records will only be open if the person is now deceased, but if the evacuee is still alive they can request a transcript of their own record. My life was turned upside down by evacuation, not in but in We walked, a long line of us, from school to the railway station, carrying our luggage and gas cas.

Memories of World War Two evacuees

Family Tree Live – round-up casse an amazing family history show! For some urban children, separation was their first taste of living in the countryside or abroad: The following were reception areas in England: Every boy and girl carried a small suitcase and a box containing a gas mask.

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When we arrived, we were taken to the village school, and given hot chocolate and biscuits. A new exhibition at the Royal College of Nursing shows how the way we care for older people has changed over Could it happen today? Joan Phillips Location of story: After that they put us in cattle pens to stop anyone else making a run sudy it. Below we publish the main sections of the report.

case study evacuee ww2

At Christmas we went to a party at Mulgrave Castle that had a real Marchioness living there.

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