Interiors by Carroll Sagar. Destroyed by fire in during a coastal firestorm. Photos by Michael Locke. Sold in to Robert and Cynthia Hart. Concept The work displays a high degree of rationality in its entirety while a strong sensuality in terms of finishes, textures and details. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton and Michael Locke. Sold in to Albert and Holly Baril.

Sold in to Marvin and Judith Zeidler. Built by students in a class taught by Ellwood for Head of Architecture George Hasslein, sponsored by Kaiser Steel with their new oxidizing steel, Cor-ten. Now part of an architectural graveyard shared with other student structures. Architect William Baswell bought the lot from the Eltons who asked Ellwood for a design that was never put to paper. Deeded in to Melanie Regburg.

Materials Engineer training, Ellwood had a special interest in the application of materials and manufacturing techniques in architecture.

Engineer training, Ellwood had a special interest in the application of materials and manufacturing techniques in architecture.

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

Although declared unbuilt according to Jackson book; it was built and destroyed by fire see Perez-Mendez book. They married in and had one daughter, &(ellwoof) Emily.


Inhe started a construction company with his brother Cleve and the Marzicola Brothers under a new name, Craig Ellwood.

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

Did you know that artist architecture is a thing? A Phaidon author witnesses the Notre Dame fire.

Taalman Koch Architecture rented a double unit and documented their renovation of the space for Dwell in Woolf who did an extensive but faithful remodel. But that did not matter, to him or to his clients. Sold in the ‘s to John E. He was married to Faith Irene Bobbie Walker.

Sutdy was a teacher at Beverly Hills High School. Above photo is the replacement. These sf, unit apartments strongly resembled Corbusier. They later added a new master suite, designed by Ellwood associate James Tylerentered by a glass bridge and opening to the pool.

California Captured – Case Study House #16 | Architecture | Agenda | Phaidon

Deeded in to Melanie Regburg. You May Also Like. Sold to Ernest Vandebovenkamp. The fire cracked the concrete and it burst.

Salzman House / Case Study House nº 16

Froug, a TV producer, was trained as an architect during the Depression. On the inside, Ellwood left the conventional use of floor to ceiling partitions to replace panels embedded in steel racks seen giving the impression of floating space. Sold for the first time in to the Nottoli Trust. To see more masterful, mid-century architectural photographs, order a copy of California Captured here. Principal design was by Jerrold Lomax, an associate in Ellwood’s office.


Still owned by the Palevsky family as of &(ellwoor) was a true design genius. Bottom photo by Andrea Minton. This was the last of the houses designed by Ellwood’s office. Beach House, Malibu CA. Sold in to Mickey Madden. Sold in to Ryan Salahi. Gerry Bobertz said he casee somewhat cheated, recalling that Ellwood, who was primarily designing homes in the Los Angeles area, was essentially selling casse plans. Sold in to Jack and Dorothy Smith.

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

Project architect, James Tyler.

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