You should see a Bull’s Eye when you are over a place you may “drop” it. In this module you will construct, run, analyze and manipulate a propane refrigeration loop simulation. By Hugo Fernando Solis. Choose a step size of 5 o for a nice continuous curve. If you’ve worked with Aspen, you’ve probably done Sensitivity Runs. Add the mole fraction for the inlet stream By:

It doesn’t actually consider it a variable and heaven forbid you should actually want to use it for something. Syn Cole – Feel Good. Now you can return back to the spreadsheet to observe the results: Use the study shown at http: They operate by drawing a liquid stream from one stage cooling it, and pumping it into a higher stage. One of these, Reactor Temp , we will actually use ourselves.

Add the mole fraction for the inlet stream By: Before pushing start and you could at this pointthere is one thing I would point out to you.

In the vapor-compression system, the net power input is equal to the compressor power, since the expansion valve involves no power input or output. The De-Methanizer reboiled absorber has the following specifications: You did complete that example, didn’t you?

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Now, start building the column: Remember our goal is to vary the reactor temperature and reactor size done here by varying what percentage of cubic feet need actually be filled with liquid and observe the effect on the reactor’s efficiency i.

Since it is the same variable, despite the slightly different nomenclature, HYSYS will change one when it changes the other. Assay Percent Temperature oC 0 4 32 9 74 14 20 30 40 50 60 70 76 80 By: However, condensers are usually located on the ground for easy access for maintenance.


case study hysys v8

A simple three-stage separation with heating between each stage is used and the object of the exercise is to select the let-down hyyss and temperatures such that the products revenue less the utilities cost is maximized.

Reboiled and Steam Stripped. Now you can return back to the spreadsheet to observe the results: In this simulation, an NGL Plant will be constructed, consisting of three columns: For csse, absorbing sttudy stripping, first arrange on paper all cases in order of increasing boiling point hysys you can get from a handbook, or from the View Component feature of the Basis Hysys. Now we would like to explore that reaction a little more, from a plant design stand point.

To characterize the assay follow the following steps: By Hugo Fernando Solis. Conversion as the variable go ahead and change the Variable Description at the bottom to just Conversion. There are two variables called Liquid Percent: In addition, you will learn how to determine g8 of these streams by using the Phase Envelope and the Property Table utilities.

If you do not have such a file you may start from my version entitled ChemicalsEx. This allows you to construct Objective Functions which maximize profit, minimize utilities or minimize exchanger UA.

Aspen hysys v8 case study

What is the flow rate of? The Pipe Segment is not yet able to solve because we have not specified any information about the heat transfer properties of the pipe. Learning Objectives Once you have completed this module, you will be able to: The feed stream enters an inlet separator, which removes the free liquids.


First we need the Molar Flowrate of Propylene Oxide entering the reactor. You should see a Bull’s Eye when you are over a place you may “drop” it.

Instead of importing variables on the Connections Page, we are going to do it directly sometimes it may take just as long though, because of all the windows you’ll have to wade through to display the number you want. Later, I would come back and it would work just fine from then on, but I recommend saving your work before ever trying that, just casee case.

Recovery is usually done to: Now press Start on the Case Study. On the Parameters Page, checkmark the box that says Ignore column during calculations.

case study hysys v8

One thing you may notice with the Optimized solution is that the Pressure of V3 has been decreased to 70 kPa 10 psia which is less than atmospheric. You may see the new values for the variables from the Variables tab: The column should turn yellow, and you may close its window.

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