When she asked him why he was doing it, he said that she was a very hard worker and that he had enough time to teach her because she worked very fast. University of Texas, I jel vam to pomagalo? Still, she is rather relaxed regarding the level of English acquired by her peers, probably because she knows how difficult it was for her to learn English even though she is quite aware she does not speak English well. She did mention that they did let her know that she had said something ungrammatical, but only with a polite smile or a facial expression, never anything rude or explicit. Disinventing and Reconstituting Languages.

Makoni, Sinfree, Alastair Pennycook. She would be happy if young Australian Croatians learned the Croatian language well in order to be able to function better in their community. This can be accounted for with the critical period hypothesis, a theory according to which our ability to reach high proficiency levels diminishes with the age at which we were first exposed to that language Hakuta, Bialystok and Wiley , 1. A salient result which has been found in previous research is the one of language broker and language breaker. Teacher je engleski, ali moje dijete ima teacher takva i takva. After spending more than forty years in an English-speaking environment, the respondent speaks Croatian very well, with no major influence of English on her accent or production. Theoretical Framework An essential characteristic of language is variation.

I on bi sjeo kraj mene, uzeo olovku, this is the pencil. Help Center Find new research papers in: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Remember me on this computer. The ideologies she promotes include the pluralist ideology, the ideology of assimilation, the heteroglossic ideology and the ideology of territorialisation. Each of them uses what they find easier.


The parents pay for the classes, but, according to the respondent, not much. The influence of English can be seen in the use of the passive voice, instead of the active one, which is often preferred in monolingual Croatian. These instances razhovoru be divided into cwse categories.

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Therefore, the observer does influence the speaker, but the solution is minimizing this effect of the experimenter or interviewer on the respondent.

Cade study of code mixing in selected novels in Indian English. Even though she speaks English on a daily basis in Australia, she avoids code-switching, and uses just one language at a time. The interview was conducted on two occasions. Labov33 In order to achieve relaxedness and spark interest in my respondent, the chosen questions were based on what I know about her background, but also the ones I hoped would provide results pisao her views on language and society.

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The first organisation of Razhovoru immigrants in Australia was established in in Boulder City, and it was called Croatian-Slavic Society. Haralabmos, Mike and Martin Holborn. While they were in Croatia he attended the third grade of elementary school, but when rwzgovoru arrived to Australia he was enrolled in the second grade, after which he was transferred into the third grade because he had advanced cognitive skills for his age.

Australian Croatians try to preserve their unique culture and language, so they have Croatian schools in Australia. Instead, they worked hard for a number of years before they could buy a car and a house, let alone pay off the house fully.

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Click here to sign up. Immigrant communities of Victoria. Makoni, Sinfree, Alastair Pennycook. She also switched codes in the next sentence, when speaking about code switching, probably because the expression pidgin X does not have an equivalent in Croatian, i.


Meni se to nije nikada dogodilo. The respondent mentioned the word wog as a derogatory term which Australians use for newcomers. Ako smo se prije vratili morali poxao platiti, vratit taj put.

But due to poor economic conditions in Croatia, it was safer for Croatian immigrants to stay in Australia.

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They are usually shaped according to the foci of interest in a particular group or, as in this case, of a particular respondent. It was based on news about the prospect of finding jobs and settlement sent by immigrants from Australia to their relatives in the homeland, which encouraged their relatives and neighbours to also come to Australia and try their luck.

But her husband, who himself did not take any course nor did he have anyone to teach him the language, put the family and their economic situation first and did not want her to take the course. The adjective practic was used with Croatian meaning koji je primjenljiv, koristan, prikladan, podnestan and pronunciation, but with a compromise form between Croatian and English. It is similar to the ideology of the native speaker. Croatian Studies Review Vol.

Jer to je jedini izbor bio da si dobro. The older generations speak Croatian, their mother tongue, in the privacy of their homes and the younger studyy use English, sometimes even in the same conversation.

Its Structure and Use.

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