Questions 1 What do the five performance objectives mean for an operation such as the SSG’s newsroom? Dispelling some serious troubles or problem always needs more staff or more time to do it, thus, it results in the labor cost added, such as part-time salary, overtime compensation. It must develop processes flexible enough to make novel components, organize its staff to understand the new technologies, develop relationships with its suppliers which help them respond quickly when supplying new parts, and so on. Moreover, with the emergence of the global tourism, hospitality industry and globalization with competition from all over the hotel industry, the need to augment existing and new strategies need to be address speedily. Each employee works 35 hours per week.

Secondly, Total quality management, which is concerned with the continuous improvement of all aspects of operations performance, can also be adopted to continually meet and exceed unanticipating expectations of customers. The main benefit of speedy delivery of goods and services to the operation’s external customers lies in the way it enhances the operation’s offering to the customer. The lower the cost of producing their goods and services, the lower can be the price to their customers. However, it is not always possible to land a helicopter safely at night because of possible overhead wires and other hazards so conventional ambulances will always be needed, both to get paramedics quickly to accident victims and to speed them to hospital. The short case ‘Flexibility and dependability in the newsroom’ shows how flexible technology helps to maintain the dependability of news broadcasting. To conclude, even though Penang Mutiara managed to maintain its competitiveness with their current strategy, however it is not sufficient to remain competitiveness due to volatile market demand.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

It actually spends most of its time waiting as stocks inventories of parts and products. Dependability means do things on time.

Both these issues are vital to any operation. Qn 1a Describe how you think Wernie will make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business.


Moreover, with the emergence of the global tourism, hospitality industry and globalization with competition from ubiquitously, the need to augment existing and new strategies need to be address speedily. Eventually it is taken to the press area, pressed into shape and again waits iperations be transported to the paint area. The objective of the hotel is to give every customer request, keep its promise to be of services to the guests and be flexible to guest request.

How to cite this operatoons Choose cite format: You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. It then waits to be painted, only to wait Speed could mean Organization structure distributes value developing and operattions task and roles to employees so can maximize efficiency, quality and satisfaction of customers.

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Cost reduction through internal effectiveness All other performance objectives affect cost Our previous discussion distinguished between the benefits of each performance objective externally and internally. Internal neutrality It is a stage of an operation function that playing a largely negative role and the very resort level of contribution.

Internally, it enables staff to win mutual trust and increases operational reliability of internal customers in delivering services thus saving time, money due to ineffective use of time. Even those companies which compete on things other than price, however, will be interested in keeping their costs low. TNT Express is the world’s leading business-to-business express delivery company, delivering 3.

With the minimization of blunders, time and cost of rectifying the mistakes are reduced effectively. Stakeholders are the people and groups who may be influenced by, or may influence, the operation’s activities. Penang Mutiara wants to give to its customer the quality of service.

Penang mutiara

It forecasts likely changes in markets and supply and it develops the operations-based capabilities which will be required to compete in future market conditions. There are few steps in implementing a strategy: For example, our staff must be courteous at all times and yet also friendly ;enang our guests.


Most stores stock only a limited range of goods typically around compared with 25, to 30, stocked by conventional supermarket chains.

When the organization is managing to do this, it is giving a cost advantage change what it does, how it Is doing it, or when to its customers. We define it as consistent services and the customer receiving them in full, thus increasing the availability of your goods and conformance to services and giving your customers a speed advantage.

But if an operations function cannot produce its products and services effectively, it could ‘break’ the business by handicapping its performance no matter how it positions itself in its markets.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

This luxurious hotel gives to its customers the quality of services. Hexed operations leads to quickly make changes or echelons Tort canalling conditions and overcomes disrupting the other operation. Dependability objective, which means to do things on time and to deliver timely promises made to the customers.

Dependability gives stability The disruption caused to operations by a lack of dependability goes beyond time and cost. The company believes its unique approach to operations management makes it ‘ Internally pennang Stage 3 operations are among the best in their market. Partnership with other firms such as airlines.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

This, in turn, means investing in and managing some objectjves operations projects. All of its spacious rooms enjoy sea and garden views. Some companies have developed their flexibility in such a way that products and services are customized for each individual customer. Speed objective which means doing things right, can benefit external customers by giving them a speed advantage to receive the services in the shortest possible time with minimum delay.

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