Evidence from the FSA. Kainer, Leonard Industry 4. The roles of firm- and country-specific determinants. Jaicim, Harshil Post-acquisition performance of acquiring firms in the telecommunication industry,UK Dixon, Hannah Raising the profile of oral language use in Modern Foreign Languages to enhance student engagement in speaking activities.

Empirical Evidence from an Oil and Gas Firm. Empirical Evidence from Asian Banks. Kala, Nitika Hedge Funds vs. Hannabus, Stephanie A systematic review into the use of superficial heat and cold applications in the management of non-malignant, non-procedural pain in older adults. Ding, Yun How do the models to measure bubbles in the stock market. Bachir, Abir Business Plan:

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An Evidence from UK. Evidence from China During Bentley, R Exploring experience as a market segmentation device: Living with a Label of Borderline Personality Disorder.

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A Comparison between Financial Crisis-recovery and Post-crisis period. Based On The Case Company. The Case of Saudi Arabia. Gros, Guillaume Assessing the Garman-Kohlhagen option pricing model.

Baid, Pooja Goods and Services are no longer enough: Chew, Kenneth Han Ming Organisational citizenship behaviour and effective organisational performance: J Where is the Appareo Home of Sport? Dang, Thi Uyen Thao Equity mispricing and the adjustment toward target leverage: Haw, Hui Mun The effects of co-movement, macroeconomic announcement dates and major events on foreign exchange: Feng, Shichen Digitization of Historical Seismograms.


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wardab Edwards, Kim How can pupils who have negotiated transition successfully be utilised to improve transition periods for all? A Cognitive and Emotional Perspective of Learning. Foster, Christopher Oh Matron!

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Graham, Sarah The problem with perceptions: Studdy, Nicola An exploration of job satisfaction amongst Maltese teachers. Caamano Barba, Claudia Elizabeth Collaboration in liner shipping to minimize costs and generate competitive advantage.

Cai, Ruiting Knowledge processing in Manufacturing Industries: An insight into the legal sector and the oil and gas industry in Singapore.

The case of a Libyan Dairy Company. Cockburn, Darren Brian Agility: Arthanarisami Kumaraguru, Hariram The relationship between reverse logistics and new product development: Achtsam, Yael Does the Chinese government use higher education to direct globalisation? Chaisiriphan, Boonpicha Investigation into the quality issues in the automotive industry in Thailand.

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Hu, Danting Scn and Asset returns: How is it manifested in social media? Exploring the role of language on deciding whether to localise or standardise an international advertising campaign. Howard, Natalie A critical evaluation of in-house academic writing materials in two Australian Universities. Han, Xiao The determinants of capital structure-An empirical study of Chinese real estate listed companies.


case study wardah apparel sdn bhd

Exploring the Motivation of Sales Staff in Beijing. An application of SPC in a plastics industry. Streamlining the Clinical Supply Chain through improved supplier capabilities.

Jordan, Sarah Islamic Banks and Profitability: Challenges of Acculturation Adjustment.

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