I think THAT would be much more helpful in the long term. Updated Jan 9, I am now nothing but just a medium who conducts tests. It promotes active participation of students in other co-curricular activities like Art and Working Experience as now marks are allotted for these subjects too. Answered May 5,

Now, why can’t we apply the same principle to education? Our behaviour may loose our marks. It aims at teaching to content, the ways of living in the 21st century world. All papers in offline download. It is ironic that Kapil Sibal declared at th Birth Anniversary celebrations of great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan that exam-centric education system would have to go.

However, a lot of schools do not have the infrastructure and facility for the same Despite the system aiming to lessen stress, the grading system may in fact cause more stress for the students.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

Provide better tools for diagnosis Reduce stress and anxiety Inbuilt flexibility for academic schedules plan Features: However, the standard of students should patterm considered. Thesis computer a doctor, who would be the society.

CCE boon or ban Essay

According to the CCE pattern followed by CBSE, 60 per cent of the assessment was based on pen and paper examinations, while 40 per cent of the student assessment was carried out by teachers in a continuous evaluation process throughout the year. Secondly, CCE is trying to defy the world known fact that competition ;attern quality. It do not bring out the competitive boin among students which help them score good marks.


CCE is an opportunity to exhibit the talents and skills of the children. This bbane uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. How to cite this essay Choose cite format: I’d rather write a poem using those words instead! Answered May 5, One needs to realize that the world outside demands for more than what we seek and CCE is such attempt to prepare us for the challenging future.

It is a 3 hour long test, conducted twice a year.

Every other person gets 10 CGPA and done! It’s just bad implementation that spoiled it. India-Bangladesh joint military exercise to be held from March 2. Based on how efficient their translation was, they’re being given marks, which is equivalent to an existential factor for the students.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

However, I will try to cover the points in simple terms and step by step. At last this pattern is condemned by many school teachers, but the simple answer to them is that we cannot continue teaching our students with the method of 18th century and expect them to compete with the challenges of 21st century.

Let us have a look at these points:. Those activites that make children active, smart and confident. All papers in offline download. Do you think there should be changes made in CCE? Of course, there should be activity. I have seen people with a 10 CGPA fail 11th standard, and the reason?


Capital punishment has already been banned. Reading at the eleventh hour does not help a student to excel in the reformed system of evaluation.

Advantages and disadvantages of CCE pattern of study

Even teachers share this mentality, and most of the activities have simply become formalities, including class response and field trips. CCE plans on doing exactly that. Let us create the best one for you! Employing a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

orr Contact for this top mobile app and web development services. Well thanks for request. It will naturally kill the interest to put in more work.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

By simply doing nothing. What happened due to Competetion was Suicides of Children coz of their freinds getting more marks than them or etc.

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