On each router use the following chart to complete the basic router configurations. Because these VLANs are stored in a file that is called vlan. Order the DHCP process steps. Static routes are manually configured on a router. VLANs are an extension of a switched and routed internetwork. Which wildcard mask, if any, is the most efficient to use when specifying all of these networks in a single ACL permit entry?

On a Cisco switch, an interface can be configured for one of three violation modes, specifying the action to be taken if a violation occurs: In comparison, a switch using the cut-through switching method makes quick forwarding decisions and starts the forwarding process without waiting for the entire frame to be received. Compared with dynamic routes, what are two advantages of using static routes on a router? Cut-through switching reduces latency by forwarding frames as soon as the destination MAC address and the corresponding switch port are read from the MAC address table. What is a basic function of the Cisco Borderless Architecture access layer?

CCNA 2: Case Study

To configure port forwarding, the ip nat inside source static command is used. The switchport port-security command with no parameters must be entered before any tsudy port security options. Borderless switching is a network architecture, not a switching method.

Which command provides common information relevant to both types of devices? The commands dhcp pool, ip default-gateway, and ip network are not valid DHCP configuration commands.

Order the DHCP process steps. Based on this output, what is most likely the cause of the problem? Which two commands are needed at a minimum to apply an ACL that will ensure that only devices that are used by the network administrators will be allowed Telnet access to the routers?



ccna2 case study v6.1.1

Keep binders in lockers e. A network administrator is designing an ACL. Because the target network is The entry with the 0.

Which commands are used to re-enable a port that has been disabled as a result of a port security violation? Propagate the route within OSPF updates. The router will srudy a static default route in its RIP updates, if one is present.

ccna2 case study v6.1.1

Because the network to be reached is Two of them are scalability and ccna2 of convergence. They take less time to converge when the network topology changes.

Cut-through frame forwarding reads up to only the first 22 bytes of a frame, which excludes the frame check sequence and thus invalid frames may be forwarded. Floating static routes are backup routes that are placed into the routing table if a primary route is lost.

The company security policy specifies that when a violation occurs, packets with unknown source addresses should be dropped and no notification should be sent.

ccna2 case study v6.1.1

We do not jump through hoops here! The violation restrict option keeps track of the number of violations.

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There are several factors to consider when selecting a routing protocol to implement. In what situation would a Layer 2 switch have an IP address configured? Layer 3 switches can use an IP address on routed ports. The company uses NAT when inside hosts connect to outside network. The native VLAN traffic will be untagged across the trunk link.


The show mac-address-table and show port-security commands will display information that is more related to access layer operations. In this example, 23 bits match perfectly. Which command, when issued v.1.1 the interface configuration mode of a router, enables the interface to acquire an IPv4 address automatically from an ISP, when that link to the ISP is enabled?

The entry with the 0. The network administrator enters these commands into the R1 router: If another host attempts to send packets at the same time, ccna2 collision will occur.

Protect — Packets with unknown source addresses are dropped until a sufficient number of secure MAC addresses are removed, or the number of maximum allowable addresses is increased. OSPF has an administrative distance ofso the floating static route must have an administrative distance higher than

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