Ricks April 23, , I have agreed with almost all of them, but have been reticent to add my two cents. Simply enter your email address below and click the subscribe button They are generally very good instructors and they and their curriculum is well received by the students. The Major General Hans Schlup Award was established in to recognize and promote the significance and importance of international relations developed through the network of friends and professional acquaintances at CGSC in the international military student community. The number of exercises needs to be reduced to no more than two or three per year, only one week in duration, and they need to be conducted at the person staff group level. MDMP is a seven-step decision making process that DTAC teaches and then reviews with the students four or five times over the course of the year.

Economic model to predict future state of nature and corresponding strategic posture. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. Thank you for being an FP reader. In addition, students have numerous writing assignments over the course of the year from each of the departments. In almost every other staff college, an operations department similar to DJIMO is the primary department of the college and the focus of any exercises. Eisenhower Award for top International Graduate:

Ricks covered the U. Thank you for being an FP Mastrs subscriber. Later that year, with the consent of Mrs. This problem is closely related to the previous.


The award is presented to the U. Morrison Professor of History from They are generally very good instructors and they and their curriculum is well received by the students. Unfortunately, several recent events at CGSC have recently pushed me over the edge. Award selection includes recommendations from college staff and faculty, reviews of all grades, performance in the Strategist Program courses, a specific writing requirement and an oral comprehension examination.

cgsc masters thesis

At CGSC, students have to take three or more additional classes as well as write a page thesis. McConville presents the General Colin L. Clarke Library Digital Repository. The Arter-Darby Military History Writing Awardestablished inenhances professional masyers by research and writing about the evolution of American tactical doctrine. Browse by Academic Year: The General George S.

Defense of Antwerp against msters V-1 missile. Jason Tinsley, New Zealand Note: British cbsc of the North-West Frontier to Marshall Award as the top U.

Right now, CGSC curriculum is bloated and exceeds the number of contact hours that any civilian university would consider acceptable for higher education.

The five or six exercises that are run every year take up too much time and accomplish too little. McConville, delivered graduation remarks, challenging the graduates to remember that winning matters. Joint Lessons Learned System and interoperability. Camp Orote – a study in refugee control and administration, doctrine and practice.


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For the past couple of years, I have read the articles regarding the U. This award, by recognizing excellence in the study of history, honors the memory of an esteemed cgsd, Father Donald W. Forcing doctrine to match reality: I have agreed with almost all of them, but have been reticent to add my two cents.

Major Wenxian Hong, Singapore. Learning on the move, OSS detachment special operations in Burma.

Master of Military Art and Science Theses

The award is open to all members of the regular class. The smaller number and time of exercises would increase the importance of each one and also raise student interest.

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Powell Award for top interagency graduate to Mr. The Nafziger Collection of Orders of Battle.

cgsc masters thesis

Center for Army Lessons Learned Repository.

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