October 3, at He should he go about starting the task? Every answers you choose will decide the next question or situation you encounter. When Jeff meets his supervisor, he is told he must go through site induction. Once you select Next to move on you will not be able to return to the question. Forget about it, so the induction ends and he can work sooner.

June 12, at The site induction requires David to wear certain types of PPE. With the core components of the original cscs test remaining the same, this new feature will test your reaction and behaviour towards different health and safety situations as the unfold onsite. Once you have selected your answer and then the Next button, you will be presented with the next question. This question group has been designed with this in mind, and by working your way through it your reactions towards these hazards will be assessed.

They are not particularly hard, but some of them are a bit tricky due to multiple correct answers. We have created this with questions from real CSCS questions you will get asked when sitting your test.

What should John do? Later that day Lee cuts his finger.

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CITB Behavioural Case Study Questions Practice Test : Construction Skills Test

Mock exams provide a way to test your knowledge on […]. Whilst working, David sees’ that some children have wandered onto the building site. Go and tell the site manager that the ladder is too short.


citb behavioural case study practice test

When it comes to the construction industry, all the workers must be skilled, qualified and competent. In each of these three you will be presented a set number of multiple choice test questions covering various categories of the core knowledge based questions. There are total 12 behavioural case study questions divided into three case studies, each cihb which comprises of 4 multiple choice questions.

An other hand, you will need to involve the issues in the question and choose a correct solution that it maybe appear in a new situation. The site manager manager tells David to sign in and report to the area where he is meant to begin work. Get your results immediately after taking your CSCS mock test online. Each question will ask you how the person in the case study should behave.

citb behavioural case study practice test

CSCS Card Mock Health and Safety Test Questions In this cscs health and safety mock test will we be testing you on some health and safety issues that can help you can your co-workers on the work site from some dangerous elements. Find out ptactice about us here.

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12 Full CSCS Mock Test Questions on CITB Behavioural Case Study

Each case study is a series of 4 linked multiple choice questions which follow a fictional character as he or she faces a series of decisions whilst working on a Site. November 24, at 1: Try our full CSCS mock test for operatives with 50 multiple choice questions. In your exam you will have to answer 12 behavioural case study questions. In addition, because behavioural case study sections does not include any Cscs book or materials that you need to practice more health and safety situations on the construction site to improve your knowledge and skills.

citb behavioural case study practice test

September 25, at 1: Avoid the panel as he leaves for his break—it is not his job to note or fix the health and safety hazards on the job. We have created a set of of 3 case studies with 12 questions in total for you to answer.

Behavioural Case Study Questions

Upon meeting the site manager, the manager starts to tell Jeff his next task—a site induction. Practice more to have a good preparation before sitting the exam. When he gets to the plot Lee is concerned that the ladder is too short to get to the first floor safely.

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